zettapede [S] 10 points ago

Agreed. This bullshit rhetoric that "violence never solves anything" is harmful to society. Violence is what keeps our society safe. Justly-enacted violence by police, military, and good men who happen to be in the wrong place at the right time.

We must teach our children that good things are worth fighting for.

Otherwise you get what's going on in Minnesota right now.

zettapede [S] 3 points ago

Just made a short sale. This has been a long time coming, Jack...

zettapede [S] [M] 22 points ago

All the 'pedes who don't sleep are already on the mod team.

zettapede [S] 6 points ago

The sensible thing to do is rob all your competitors and take the loot home.

That's some bad governing.

zettapede [S] [M] 6 points ago

Request your data from reddit, people. Several of us mods have and they unfittingly handed us proof of tampering. Would love to collaborate with anyone investigating this in a legal capacity to take them down.

zettapede [S] 3 points ago

Bitching will only go so far also.

zettapede [S] 4 points ago

This is the WHO, not the UN

zettapede [S] 5 points ago

"You can live your life however you want. That does not give you the power to force me to play along."

zettapede [S] [M] 10 points ago

Honest answer: The people who spend the most time on the internet rise to the top and wind up moderating the communities. Who has time to spend all day on reddit? The unemployed. Those on disability. People who can't or don't want to work. In short: Liberals. It's no wonder communism and welfare is so popular with this crowd.

Every moderator on TheDonald.win has a full-time job. All that moderation has largely been happening while we're on the shitter at work.

We're more productive while we're taking a shit than your typical reddit admin is all day long.

zettapede [S] 9 points ago

Is that surprising?

Reddit didn't want us to know how powerful we are.

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