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Many corporate laptops have their USB ports physically sealed so that they can't be used. Bring your own device (BYOD) is a known vector for malware and exfiltration. It's retarded that similar standards are not imposed on election-critical machines.

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I'm glad you wrote the names at the top, I wouldn't have known the difference.

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I use DDG most of the time.

However, I remember when Kyle Rittenhouse first had a funding page, I couldn't find it using DDG. It just dumped MSM news article after article about him being a terrorist whenever I searched any query with his name in. I had to use a different search engine to find it.

Others: https://startpage.com/ https://yandex.com/

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(Not my creation; ran across it on YT.)

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The media are a demoralization machine. The billionaire cabal that own them want you to give in.

This place gives reason a chance. Sometimes it's bombastic and rhetorical, but it's grounded in reality (much like GEOTUS himself).

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They only need masks if it's Kamala. Nobody cared about the Trojan horse after the soldiers jumped out!

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Oh wow - they've finally invented fully invisible masks?

I mean, the pandemic is totally real and there's zero chance that these upstanding non-deplorables wouldn't be wearing masks.

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You tried to play 4d reverse-psychology chess with the mods. But they were playing in 5d.

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I 'member there used to be a news channel called something like that. Faux News? Fux News?

Ah well, who cares, it's long gone.

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Years from now, Trump, Giuliani, Powell, Ellis, Flynn, etc., will be household names. Fighting to rescue America from the grasp of a broken, communist-ridden shitshow called the Democrats.

Manifest Destiny, The Founding, The Cold War, and the Trump Revolution. America fucking owns.

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The job of the media is to demoralize, not to inform.

Ignore them and keep fighting.

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COVID-19 is proving that universal healthcare is a good idea, just look at Europe... no, wait...

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But guys, it's over... he's made his own 'Office of the President-Elect(TM)' sign and everything. What could we do?

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OMG - is he White as well?

Better teach him to work hard, he's playing hard mode.

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There's no purple-haired freak that identifies as a reindeer. Therefore it lacks diversity and is not representative.

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New accounts need to not be able to post links. Sure, let them post the URL as plaintext, but not active hyperlinks.

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