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Good, keep up the pressure.

Democrats cannot get away with this fraudulent activity.

The state legislatures cannot give Biden the electoral votes without a complete investigation.

We simply do not know who truly won yet, it could be Biden it could be Trump, and it may have to go to a Contingent Election.

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get all the legal votes counted in time for December?

There literally isn't time for that. Remember how long it took in Florida in 2000? That was 1 state and they never technically finished. This is more than just a recount.

It may be convoluted, but it's constitutional. All it takes is the GOP state legislatures to question the certainty of the "popular vote" and they're already pissed the Dems unconstitutionally changed the election to allow these problems.

Dems can riot against the constitutional all they want, why else do you think Trump changed the Secretary of Defense and further reinforced the White House fence after the election.

How can they change the constitution when GOP holds the office, senate, and are gaining in the House. Not to mention Supreme Court.

If those GOP senators let the Dems cheat and win, that's it, but if they follow the constitution and allow the House to vote, the Dems will continue to lose and lose badly. And there's nothing they can do other than literally riot in their own cities.

Good thing Trump replaced the Secretary of Defense.

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I think this uncertainty will bolster Trump's argument for voter ID.

I could see the Republicans letting it go to a Contingent Election since the election process has reach a point where it's just blatantly broken. Then with Trump at the helm, Democrats losing seats in the House, and Republicans retaining senate, they will start pushing for election reform and voter ID.

Otherwise if they just let the Democrats do whatever this election and give it to Biden, GOP is forever fucked. They will need to save their own ass.

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Maybe, then again Trump did replace the Secretary of Defense for a reason.

He's further reinforcing the White House fence for the same reason lol.

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The fact is no court will have enough time to make any determination. Enough doubt has already been raised and will continue to rise.

Ultimately the GOP legislators will have to decide whether to give Biden the votes despite the election uncertainty, or let it go to a Contingent Election which is arguably more fair.

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Think about this. If there is so much fraud that those states cannot be determined they'd have to not only recuse themselves from the electoral vote but ALSO pretty much say the election is largely a fraud. I don't see politicians admitting that since it puts their previous victories and future ones into question.

The difference is the Democrats changed the rules in the last minute unconstitutionally. They left it open to fraud, and there's already plenty of evidence in just Dominion to show it's simply unreliable. 6,000 is more than a gamechanger, and that's just 1 confirmed incident.

This election is entirely different from every other election. Remember, they issued 100,000,000 mail-in-ballots, they've never done that before and the GOP has to be firm in not letting them get away with this scam.

I can't imagine they'll just let it slide.

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It is imperative that we show up at rallies, in the streets, we show the GOP that Trump has the support of the people.

You're absolutely right. We also need to keep doing all these online investigations that this forum has stickied for the last couple days. We can't let the media's lies that there is no fraud permeate. It's like when the media tried to say the riots were "mostly peaceful" Now they're trying to say the election is "mostly fraudless"

Bullshit, the whole thing was unconstitutional.

One thing that makes me confident is that we have the Constitution on our side. The Democrats illegally changed the election, pissing off these very Legislators who hold the power.

Now it will be up to Trump and us to publicize any irregularity/fraud/anomaly in the election, and hope that the GOP legislators for these states listen and make the right decision.

I mean, if they go ahead and vote for Biden despite the evidence that we already have just 1 week after the election, then I give up on politics lol.

I'm confident more things will emerge as the investigation continues and the audits begin, also keep in mind the article I posted claimed that Trump will just rattle off on China. It was written 4 months ago. In reality we have Dominion that has already proven it can glitch and give Biden thousands of votes.

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We should win the Contingent Election. Remember a lot of the Rep votes are wasted in states like NY and CA where they only count for 1 point each in a Contingent Election.

The House decides who is president, and each Rep gets a vote within their state, but the overall state only has 1 vote.

So the vote is incredibly diffused between hundreds of Reps, and it's hard for one state to randomly flip. It will basically be split between party lines.

Trump's best chance is through a Contingent Election. And it's a really good chance too I think.

Democrats will try to say Trump is attempting to steal the election, but we all know the Democrats would have no chance if they didn't illegally change the election in the first place.

We have the better legal argument.

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I think some things will emerge in the next month, but there really isn't that much time for a proper investigation. It took over a month to do a simple recount in Florida, this involves multiple states with a complicated computer software that is already proven to "glitch" and give Biden thousands of votes.

It will ultimately be up to the GOP legislators as to whether they want to give Biden the votes in an incomplete investigation or pass the ball and let it go to a Contingent Election.

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The GOP would have to ignore the incomplete investigation and simply let the Democrats change the election illegally to benefit their candidate, which could set a precedent that would prevent other Republicans from ever winning an election again.

There's a reason all those Republicans are going on TV saying Trump has the right to investigate. They know if they let this go, they're screwed in the future.

It's not like the GOP is sending electors to vote for Trump instead of Biden, it's only fair to refrain from voting for either candidate and prevent 270.

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They technically wouldn't be going against the "popular vote" they just can't rely on it.

The Democrats already UNCONSTITUTIONALLY went behind their backs to pull off this mail-in-ballot sham of an election.

Besides, with the cases pending in court they simply won't be 100% confident in giving Biden the electoral votes, it would be more fair to let the House of Representatives decide because it is outside of the election fuckery.

Don't fall for the medias lies, and we must push our Republican representatives not to either. There's clearly some sort of fraud doing on, it was proven with Dominion giving Biden 6,000 votes in Michigan.

We MUST have a full audit of EVERY SINGLE LOCATION that used Dominion software regardless if Trump won that area or not.

Too bad there just isn't enough time to sort through it all before the December deadline ;)

The Constitutional thing to do is let the House vote in a Contingent Election.

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We want that.

If the votes are not certified and held up in court, and no one gets 270 before the deadline then it goes to a Contingent Election.

At that point the House will vote on who is President, and senate Vice President.

Best part?

House only gets 1 vote per state.

Each Senator gets 1 vote, person with 51 votes becomes Vice President

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I'd like to see more confirmation, but according to the article these guys broke the Michigan 6,000 story which turned out to be true.

That's promising.

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AOC literally said she's quitting politics.

The article about it on le reddit politics is downvoted HARD with comments in disbelief saying it's out of her character.

Fucking retards didn't realize they were being used by the Democrats as useful idiots so they can take back power.

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I will continue to fight hard for a fair election.

But I do not believe for 1 second that "all is lost" if we don't win this.

Like I said, I would never have considered voting Republican if not for Trump, that will continue.

Even in the unexpected circumstance that he's not in the white house, he's not going away.

The white house will just be a temporary facade, we know who to really listen to.

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I'm gonna be honest, he deserves a break. He's in his mid 70s, he doesn't need this bullshit from the media and Democrats.

He already accomplished so much. I would never consider voting Republican if it wasn't for him.

We're gonna fight and we will win.

But Trump does deserve to sit back and relax at this point. He planted a seed which he will continue to help us grow. He doesn't need the white house, and he doesn't need that stress.

God Bless President Trump.

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In the Tucker/Bobulinski interview that just came out. Tony said that after Adam Schiff went on the air claiming Russian disinformation over the Biden story, he gave Schiff an ultimatum to retract that statement or Bobulinski will come out and prove him wrong with tons of evidence.

Schiff represents my district but now I'm rethinking the vote for his opponent. Schiff is a useful idiot. Even his impeachment helped Trump before the China Virus.

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Obama knew how shady Biden was and knew he'd be sunk just before election night.

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I thought my TV went mute and tried to raise the volume to unmute.

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Gascón formerly served as the District Attorney of San Francisco, and has also won endorsements from Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors.

Tells me all I need to know about her opponent.

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Yup, the account that made that post is only 1 month old. Constantly posting pro Chinese propaganda.

The first post from that account is a lie that says the Chinese tankman survived and walked away form the incident.

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