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The O, huh? How TFUUU is this just gonna be memory-holed like everything else? Makes me sick.

From: James Biden [email protected]

Subject: You need to call me now. Just got off the phone with your father. He is meeting with the O!! Some outrageous acquisitions!! We have the two biggest days of our business life in front of us!!!!!

Date: October 1, 2017 at 1:48 PM To: [email protected]

You / me we have to deal with this now!!!!! I not kidding. They (Joe) have the Buccini's being called by your landlord. It get much more outrageous!! You have to let me in to help! I'm with you 100 %. , trust me, you need me in on this!! We/ you have to much to loose, we must be smart, or everything goes up in smoke! Please call me. You MUST remain calm. Timing could not be worse.. Calm and measured!!!! paybacks can come later.

U Jim

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Seriously, I just swallowed an Ambien.

Hope I don't call my buddy at 3am and tell him all about what we've found....

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For real. I wander in here after being super busy for like a week, and suddenly I'm looking at Hunter Biden's United Airlines boarding pass?

What lmao. Gonna be a long night...

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They count on 95% of people just skimming the headline and believing it, then move on with their day.

Orange Man Bad is their takeaway. It's insane mental abuse and manipulation. Scary stuff.

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Right, but the Mockingbird Media does this on purpose to demoralize Trump voters and steer the narrative that Biden won.

People walking through the airport who don't give a shit about politics look up and shrug, well, guess it's Biden for the next four!

They are trying to get it out there and in everyone's psyche. It's literal mental abuse and diabolical.

So, when the lawsuits start, NPCs will screech that DUMPF is a sore loser and must be removed. They will also conveniently not have any of the actual facts about how much fraud is going on since they news won't spoon-feed it to them and they would never believe T_D, Brietbart or even Fox News (they can now).

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Don't you just love how that got lots of news (wall to wall, lots of interest) and like you said, over a month.

But dumpf is supposed to concede inside of 24 hrs? Lol no. That's now how this works. Andy why isn't the media curious about any of this? They are complicit too.

Trust no-one. This is a massive scandal, the likes of which the planet has never seen.

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They area all likely on China/Iran's payroll, too.

Lay low and hope the dust settles so that next 500k check gets deposited into their 16 yr old nephew's account...

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Make all of them fear walking down the street. From the former president to any low-level janitor that knew any information about these scams.

We are ready to take back our country.

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  • Watermarked ballots.

  • Different paper material (on counterfeit ballots) vs. authentic.

  • Numbers greater than the number of voters/turnout.

  • Footage of ballots being ushered in at 3am

  • Whistleblowers (plants?) with evidence of cheating.

  • Audio/recordings/video of Biden staff working directly with China/Iran months ago to organize the steal.

  • Or just a straight up Trump Trap.

There is a lot here.

We are absolutely not done yet.

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This is why they were so adamant to get Trump to answer "MUH WILL YOU RESPECTK THE RESULTS OF THE ELECTION??" and threatened to "remove" him from the WH. Also why Biden said "we will win" and guaranteed it, with that stroke-like crooked grin. The fix was in. The final arrow in the quiver.

They had the middle-of-the-night surge hack in place as a safety measure (ballots from China) and deployed it while we were sleeping.

It's unbelievable, especially since they may get away with it.

Say hello to President Harris.

Holy shit.

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When I heard the ballots (can't remember the state) were "delivered on a USB Drive, while escorted by police" I instantly knew.

Ya'll did too.

Hack-a-thon election.

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These people legit think it's all Russian disinformation.

Amazing how braindead they are. I'd bet they are MK Ultra programmed to believe all of this bullshit.

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Ah, I see. My bad.

You are right. This is the real drop. Hunters sausage and fetishes are interesting, but not downright alarming to National Security.

China managing to get spy devices into the White House?

Now that's chilling and absolutely what we want to blow wide open. This can never happen again.

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The ultimate hoax. Honestly, all the Dems do is project a 1:1 image of exactly what they are doing. It's remarkably accurate.

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