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Agreed on your point. In this case though, possession of images of naked children is often prosecuted.

I'm not sure if you are implying otherwise.

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Completely wrong.

Even if it's legal in China, in the United States it's illegal to possess videos and pictures of children in having sex.

Sorry, not sorry, pedos.

You cant bring sex videos of your degeneracy abroad back to the US.

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I salute your patience.

I've given up trying to talk to people about politics, but I'm glad there are people like you who are still willing to engage in debate.

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Let's show them true librul values and nationalize Wikipedia.

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Correction: It's suppose to work both ways.

If the past 2 debates have been any indicator of how the rules will be applied, they will only mute Trump and let Biden talk over him.

Trump should refuse the debate. If random media pundits can "mute" a president or presidential candidate at whim, it makes the president or candidate look weak and empowers the media.

In closing, fuck the media.

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I wonder if PJW deleted it or if twitter censored it for being "misinformation."

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I don't think PJW would post something like this and pretend it was real if it isn't.

Might be a shit post though, I'm sure we will find out. Still hilarious.

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I think he should back out of the debate if they don't stick to the original topics.

I almost feel like they will agree to stick to the original foreign policy topic just to get Trump there, and then hit him with covid and race questions all night anyways.

Trump should just refuse to go, fuck the debate commission.

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It's a fucking shame cops are trigger shy these days.

Prison is too good for this animal.

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Essentially yes, in which case maybe move to another part of california, or just out of the state entirely.

I don't understand the rationale about staying in a country that won't let you protect yourself legally, but people justify it because of "money" or "I like the neighborhood." My priorities are safety, but that's just me I suppose.

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I don't care how difficult it is to get a license to concealed carry in a librul state, every pede needs to obtain a license to legally carry a gun.

The police won't protect you, it is ultimately your job to protect yourself.

And no, I'm not saying to out looking for trouble either, but if you are walking down the street and a group of thugs with baseball bats show up, its time to send some lead down range.

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In Colorado, I get an email that says my ballot has been approved each time I've voted in the past.

I'm not sure if they have changed things this time around though.

I think you can still call and check if your ballot has been accepted, but if you have any doubt in your mind, just go and vote in person also.

If the voter fraud system is as robust as they claim it to be, they will only count your ballot once.

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I dropped off my ballot today in Colorado, if the statistics so far on mail-in ballots received are "accurate," the republicans need to get off their ass and start voting.

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It's a shame how far the FBI has fallen.

Fuck the FBI.

There is no saving it now, the FBI needs to be disbanded.

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That's good advice.

I tried that here in Colorado and it seems there is a "non-partisan" group that gives every judge appointed by Democrats governors good reviews, and every judge appointed by Republican governors a bad review.

I'm fairly leery of anything sourced directly from google, but I will admit that I used them to at least figure out some information.

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Is there a video clip or new's story relevant to this, or is this a "shit post"

I haven't had time to follow the news with this being "mid-term" week.

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