xdrunkagainx [S] 1 point ago

I just went down an hour long rabbit hole of top post history in that sub, fucking hilarious how retarded they are.

xdrunkagainx [S] 10 points ago

Just posted in /r/FuckYouKaren, lets see how long it stays up.

xdrunkagainx [S] 1 point ago

I think he's leaving it up to the goveners to decide just like the lock down. Let the people see the failure and suffer to the point they make the changes themselves

xdrunkagainx [S] 0 points ago

I remember my first day taking redpills.

xdrunkagainx [S] 2 points ago

Each and every man in my command owes me 100 Antifa scalps... And I want my Scalps.

xdrunkagainx [S] 17 points ago

Hey get out and take a brick to the head racist

xdrunkagainx [S] 11 points ago

Holy Shit, Can someone send me a ballot in California so I can vote for him?

xdrunkagainx [S] 1 point ago

Possibly, It's also possible the cops were paid to kill a black guy in Minnesota the other day.

xdrunkagainx [S] 5 points ago

We're not winning them over with kindness any longer it doesn't work. It's just a mind fuck to place us in a bin they can label to disregard our voice anyways. Owe well if you can't have a civil discussion then your point is invalid all while they continue to lie, cheat, and steal to use their moral authority pulpit to domineer over the discussion.

xdrunkagainx [S] 1 point ago

They've been instructed to ignore it in California. They won't be prosecuted and they know it

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