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Biden has anger issues recently. He might be doing testosterone replacement therapy (not a bad thing) but combining dementia with a short fuse is recipe for disaster.

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I'm not religious but Christianity is at the core of the American value system.

That said the idiotic comments over there reek of mental illness. "Respect RBG's dying wishes"? What kind of morons think that holds any weight?

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Those are the crazy eyes of righteous American fury! Lol seriously those eyes are kinda crazy. But I'm like you. They know who she is far better than I do. So I'll just stay happy and keep an eye on things

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They are looking to riot no matter what the verdict.

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I think Chris Rock had a skit on this in the 90's. Still true today.

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Where is Twitter HQ?

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The girl looks like your typical activist. Angry, bitter, irrational at being unable to be special—i.e. overweight and unattractive.

We need to take back social media from these losers.

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Oh wow 1 USD for 6 BRL? I remember it was 1 for 2.14 when I went a long time ago. It would be a great time to go party there right now lol.

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Yeah I didn’t understand the logic in calling for inflating ticket sales for Trump. All it could do is cause problems for him. Actually I would think it was someone with TDS in here trying to push that to cause problems.

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Trump is, without doubt, the most attacked and harassed president in US history.

Those that call him "unfit for office" fail to realize how stupid they sound. It takes an incredibly remarkable person to always be moving forward despite of all the unrelenting attacks coming from all sides. The fact that he can do his job at all with the unimaginable pressure should make it obvious he is capable--to say the very least.

Even if you hate Trump, you're deceiving yourself if you think he's incapable. No one in recent history has dealt with the pressure he has and with the enemies he has. No one.

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People recuse themselves in legal situations because of potential bias in every aspect of society. Religious and ethnic bias isn't a fictitious thing. It was a very valid question even if he was asked because of his faith or heritage.

Political correctness has been weaponized and it needs to die. It seems like we're coming to that point. Enough is enough.

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I wanted to save or download one so I could show it but I don't know how to replay ads that aren't actual videos.

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Something is strange with the Dem strategy with Biden's ads. They keep releasing ads where he stutters and misspeaks while asking for donations. I know he can talk for 4-5 seconds coherently. The Dems can't be that stupid or inept that they can't release a commercial with Biden talking straight for 5 seconds.

Is there a strategy behind releasing ads where Biden says things like "I'm asking you to come and, and for raising funds to win."? Why would they want the public to know?

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Those 3 in that video making fun of Trump supporters are idiots. They prove there’s no substantial prejudice in America.

You have a brown man, gay black man ridiculing white people openly when white people cannot do the same. That’s not a racist society.

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If reparations made any sense at all they should always include the chief culprit of slavery—Africa.

When I went to school they glossed over the fact that Africans sold slaves for profit. I actually thought white people went slave catching. The fact is that it was white people that ended Africa’s slave trade and stopped their selling of humans across the world.

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Yes Trump at least is ahead of the Dems with effectively using social media.

Also Tucker would do far better with a podcast than on Fox. Being on Fox hurts him imo. I wonder if he’s taking one for the team just so the right has a voice on tv.

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Ben Carson didn't really explain it well. The officer had to shoot once the suspect shot his taser at him. If the officer gets tased and suspect gets his weapon, both him and his partner could die.

There should be no confusion. Don't do something to get arrested like fall asleep drunk in a drive through. If you do get arrested, don't fight the police. If you want to die, grab the police officer's weapon and point it at him.

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Talking good is a part of the job but it’s definitely not the important part of the job. Obama is the textbook example. Great at some speeches, unfit for leadership.

Obama work experience was being a professor and then senator. I wouldn’t hire him to run a restaurant, let alone a country. It’s a shame someone so unfit got into the Whitehouse. And they mock Trump’s career lol.

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