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I have the opportunity to play a 9 hole, Nicklaus designed course in FL on election day...so this is BAD ASS!

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Sounds like a keeper, well done Pede

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Just imagine the beautiful Trump Presidential library and special archives that'll be dedicated to him bringing down the Washigton D.C. cabal. All the classic Tweets to be relived.

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Is this the real reason Wray and the FBI arrested 5 Chinese nationals just this week that they've been watching since 2014?

Had a big press conference about it too...and for some reason Wray and the DOJ guy sounded nervous during the announcement

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When the truth about Biden's 2nd Amendment stances were challenged on the campaign trail...the discussion of 2nd Amendment was never broached again by leftist media.

Oh, and this also THE reason why he's been hiding in his basement since March.

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Joe Biden putting his finger in the chest of that Union worker saying he doesn't work for him was the actual end of his campaign in the Rust Belt.

The statement on killing the O&G industry was just icing on the dementia cake.


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NASDAQ with strongest rally so far this a.m. +100

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Imagine his level when he sees the President retweeted him!

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I wonder if the market will make up the 900 pt sell-off yesterday?

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Twitter lauded their ability to launch the Arab Spring and allow communications for citizens to rise up against their government.

And his opening answer is that Twitter can't influence elections???

What a dumb fuck!


Jack Dorsey says Twitter in U.S. today reminds him of its role during Arab Spring

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And the FBI has been watching them and getting reports of them doing it since 2014 and decides one week before the election is the right time to make arrests and hold a press conference.

I fully expect Joe Biden to jump on this and say we'll continue ops like this if you elect me President.

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Just like in Minnesota, these criminals never thought they'd be outed by their own.

There are Somalians that want to live in a free and fair society, just like there are many Hispanics that don't want corruption to take root in Texas.

She's talking to someone she perceived is an ally because the media has tricked them into thinking every POC is lockstep with the Democrat agenda.

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Literally a tick on an elephants ass compared to what China is getting away with.

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