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We'll mechanize them, if you try to topple them they stomp on you.

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With the tools we have today, we should be building 800' tall monuments anyway. You can destroy a statue, you can try to destroy records of history but you cannot destroy our will or ideas.

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From one commie nation to another.. Not a massive upgrade.

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If you've had it 4 years it's time to accessorize. Some people like to put rails on, some people don't. The choice is yours.

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Foreign communists. Ship them to China. Let them see how well they'd fair on a social credit system. LOL. These clowns think communism allows protests and freedom of speech. Tiananmen square.

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I like to think what the lakota would do to these fucking soibois. Too bad they aren't around today.

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4 faces in stone and 2 balls of stone.

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Independence FTW. We may be legion but we are not "one with the collective". Every man for himself, his family, his neighbours and his like-minded brethren throughout the world.

Securing our borders is an important start but we will always be at war with the Marxists. Marxists who hatch their plans in the shadows of the world because that is where they belong, underground.

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Did you think I was talking about members of a different species?

Faith is an anchor in the future. If you've ever started a business, family or anything worth holding on to, you'll know the importance of faith.

There's always a place for reason, hence faith over blind faith.

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Except Willie brown, or brown's Willie or something to that effect

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Please lord, if there is one thing that will restore my faith in our justice system it's this

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I can't believe it needs to be said but the problem with this country is not the winners and people who want to win.

Losers and people who want to lose have taken over the media, the house of representatives and corporate marketing. They are the useful fools of the ultra rich globalists none of whom pay any meaningful tax by the way.

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I'd like to be independent from taxes for as long as politicians like Pelosi are enjoying them

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