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In life vigor. In death grace. May your fear be fleeting and your joy everlasting. We will meet again.

Love you pede.

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It has been a blast patriots. My body hasn’t quite lost the battle yet but it’s fading fast. It’s time to put my phone down. What time I have left will be spent tidying loose ends, enjoying Montana sunrises and trying to make peace with the angels around me. This community is almost family to me. The bickering, the laughs, the anguish and the hope have been real. The passion here represents the only future I care to imagine for those I will leave behind. My ballot has already been cast in person (you demanding bastards). I’ve been given 4 weeks for close to 2 years now but there’s a good chance I convey myself unto the Father’s justice before the third. Please, GET OUT AND VOTE. We must deliver president Trump the four more years he is so willing to sacrifice for us. Люблю вас всех.

My friends, words cannot begin to express the love you have made this pede feel or the gratitude you've each inspired. This is the real America. You are the real America. America will always be great with you fighting for her. Vote the commies out please - straight ticket.

Love you all.

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I bet Joe thinks it's a teleprompter and reads it for Trump.

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To remedy these illegal acts, Plaintiffs request that the Court: a. Adjudge and decree that Google acted unlawfully to maintain general search services, search advertising, and general search text advertising monopolies in violation of Section 2 of the Sherman Act, 15 U.S.C. § 2; b. Enter structural relief as needed to cure any anticompetitive harm; c. Enjoin Google from continuing to engage in the anticompetitive practices described herein and from engaging in any other practices with the same purpose and effect as the challenged practices; d. Enter any other preliminary or permanent relief necessary and appropriate to restore competitive conditions in the markets affected by Google’s unlawful conduct; e. Enter any additional relief the Court finds just and proper; and f. Award each Plaintiff an amount equal to its costs incurred in bringing this action on behalf of its citizens.

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Kamala Harris is the reason kamala Harris does not get any prime time TV coverage. Bitch is nuts and even more unlikeable than hillary.

Check out the full event for maximum cringe


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Someone is getting lucky. Wear your MAGA hats to bed tonight.

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In any case Terminal just means moving on to better things for Rush. He's fought the best fight possible with his life and inspired millions of us. We know where he's going he'll be at peace from the msm and Demoncrats

I of course hope for his recovery but more importantly pray that he doesn't suffer more than absolutely necessary to get his affairs in order.

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He's feeding them our lunch. That's not competition.

Also EU are just as big a bunch of commies as China is. They're all eating the lunch Democrats have been stealing from us for decades.

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This looks like a good alternative to nba, nfl etc.

And we can have a gladiator pit for parents of "transgender children"

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To be fair James did have some muscle kind of move in nearby as backup

Fatboi knew the gig was up but being a democrat he couldn't help flapping his gums just a little more.

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Post images too, make them work overtime to censor

Make a nominal change to whatever copy you have like a tiny crop, or change the color or screenshot and crop. Change the hash of the file in general.

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Are you saying he had common sense?

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The number of fucks she gives about their bullshit

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Trump admin is ready for this shit. He will rightly strike the match under the tinder if they try to steal the election.

Poop on your driveway is the least of your worries Nancy. We're also going to pee on your grass.

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Factor in the videos of adjacent antifa antoganising the protestors who were already there. They went to stir shit up, they stirred shit up and this asshole fucked shit up. GITMO is less than what this asshole deserves. He murdered a god loving family man in broad daylight for fuck all

A few frames before this he snatches for the patriot's pistol as well

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Trump is a global symbol. A movement against Big government owned and paid for by big corporations.

It is a myth that large corporations fight regulation that is all public pr. They love it because it stifles small businesses and keeps competition out.

Donald Trump is the only president in history to roll back so much regulation to give us, the people, back our voices. God bless Donald Trump.

You're welcome Canadian pedes, and pedes from everywhere else. The light is being shone, now get it done on your own.

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