winsome 5 points ago

Joan Rivers adored our POTUS--said he'd make a great president! ~~ .https://youtu.be/nN2C6ctpOhg

winsome -1 points ago

She's safe, that's why. He trusts himself not to go any further because she's his blood.

winsome 1 point ago

How will they react to the Nat'l. Guard in Georgia?

winsome 10 points ago

The wife's already embezzled $$$$ from the state--are they giving her some of the billion cut from LE? ~~ .https://nypost.com/2019/02/28/de-blasio-and-co-mayor-wife-have-wasted-1-8b-of-taxpayer-money/

winsome 2 points ago

Right up there with Kaine and Soros' spawn.

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