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Actively sabotaging the US and the President with the agenda to usher in global communism, as consolidated power structures always do.

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Yeah. Biden is no doubt a corrupt, crony politician, and there is an endless supply of those to go after. I want the guys above pulling the strings and orchestrating this fraud on us. I think we can all agree Biden isn’t the mastermind of that.

Also, I want to believe this kind of ‘silver bullet - it’s happening!!’ kind of stuff but the reality is that all of the most powerful special interests in the world and the global intelligence communities that work for them are aligned against Trump. I think best case scenario is Trump makes a strong case in court and to state legislatures and the legislatures appoint Trump electors, in which case we’re going to see violence in this country like we haven’t seen in a generation. It’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

But if there is a silver bullet, that’d be awesome.

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I can’t stomach to listen to it, any highlights from those braver than me?

I do like Biden’s appeal for everyone to put the past behind us and come together and unify as a country. I will certainly be citing Biden on that quite frequently when Trump is sworn in on Jan. 20th

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I actually have a lot of respect for people like that. Personal responsibility and making decisions to do what’s best for yourself and your family, and taking charge of your life rather than worrying about what everyone else is doing.

90% of the Covid lunatics don’t really have an honest fear of the virus, they’re more up in arms over it because of the feeling of moral superiority and righteousness it gives them repeating the tirades they hear on teevee and getting those dopamine inducing upvotes from their purple haired multiple pronoun pals on Facebook.

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Exactly. Big liberal superpacs/organizations will use this to tie up any dissenting Internet voice in court until everything is completely sanitized.

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No. Have those agencies EVER came through for us? They aren’t honest actors. Those agencies now exist to protect power, not challenge it.

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Can anyone give me any plausible way that Powell would have first hand knowledge of a military raid conducted against a CIA installation in Germany and the intelligence obtained in that raid if she is not part of the Presidents legal team?

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It doesn’t seem like a positive thing to me. I do wonder, without a strong association with the President and his team, she has access to such intelligence as covert army raids against CIA targets in foreign nations?

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These are the communists tactics coming into play. There was no question it was going to come to this and it’s only going to get significantly worse. We just have to ask ourselves if we’re willing to take action against it.

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I want to believe we have those servers, but I just don’t see how forces loyal to Trump could conduct a military operation on German soil and it not be an international crisis. If it went off without a peep, I’d have to imagine Merkel approved it and she is not on our side.

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Actually I think they’re more confrontational. They’re most susceptible to the emotionally charged nature of “We’re all in this together! Wear a mask to save grandma!” I also don’t think that susceptibility comes from an honest place of caring, it comes from a place of wanting that sense of moral superiority and self righteousness that comes from lecturing other people about what they’re doing. The emotionally charged propaganda has given them the green light to feel comfortable confronting other people who don’t conform to the authoritarian edicts.

Don’t get me wrong, plenty of SJW and otherwise weak men who do the same. Also a lot of strong independent women who have enough in their lives to pride themselves on they don’t need to constantly concern themselves with what others are doing and derive some sort of dopamine rush from letting that consume them.

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Lmao as I scrolled down to see the bottom pic I nearly spit up my drink

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I’m actually very optimistic about our numbers and the amount of people engaged in the fight. I do think Trump has a plan to release information and light the fire that needs to be lit. My concern is that there is no clearly evident smoking gun, or silver bullet. Without court ordered discovery, it’s almost impossible to find. Even with discovery, against the mountain he finds himself, I don’t see how it can be accomplished by Dec. 14th.

I hope and pray he’s the commander in chief for the next 4 years, but if he’s not, he will still be the strongest and most unifying voice in our movement, and likely in our country, and it seems he’s purposely positioning himself that way. I foresee a long fight for this country on the horizon.

God bless my friend.

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Thank you pede.

I’ve watched this video recap of the EO


Trump needs loyal patriots at the heads of these agencies to support his use of this EO and also needs to overcome the obvious rebuttal of the yellow journalists who will be screaming ‘Trump used his own executive order to undermine our elections!!’.

It was a smart play but that order alone likely won’t accomplish what we need it to accomplish. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

EDIT: in my view, evidence strong enough to enact this EO and accomplish what you wish it to accomplish would likely be strong enough to overturn the election.

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