wild20 2 points ago

Reddit just did the TheDonald.win a HUUUGE favor. Probably the best thing they could have done for us is ban The_Donald. What a bunch of dumb commies. 😂😂😂

wild20 1 point ago

I agree, but I didn't drop anyone, now I know who to mess with.

wild20 3 points ago

I'm on Facebook so I can red pill people there. Why sit only on conservative sites where we are walled off from people that are possible swing voters?

wild20 6 points ago

If you're not part of the group, join it and see for yourself. I was banned there for trying to share Dr. Jeffrey Barke's Riverside CA speech.

wild20 1 point ago

Just tell her to buy something that makes someone feel oppressed.

wild20 -1 points ago

You sound like one making shit up. I'm proud I was blocked and showing it off. It's a badge of honor to me.

wild20 1 point ago

Anyone that declares they have blocked someone is a full on cuck liberal. I hope his wife's boyfriend approves of this.

wild20 0 points ago

I've done more research than you on this, you have one video and didn't consult with your brain while watching it.

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