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It’s true. Not ADOS compatible.

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Jesus Christ

scratch that.... Jesus likes!

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Did you draw this entire picture in Microsoft Paint? You still got some ways to go when it comes to drawing human figures. Proportions wayyyyy off.

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Masked men with guns drawn ordering you to stop your car?

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I think Tim's thing is being brand safe. He spends 30 seconds saying Trump does terrible things and then spends 20 minutes agreeing with everything Trump has done so far.

Even his biggest specific thing he points to is Trump bombing Syria....but the Syria bombing was VERY self restrained. He gave them warning so that they were able to move most resources out of there ahead of the attack. We launched like 50 tomahawks and somehow none of them actually blew up anything....come on...it was a warning shot. They had the airfield up and running shortly after and we haven't had any problems with Syria since.

Syria knows what those tomahawks can do, so when they rain down on you and don't do any real damage, you know damn well it was a warning shot saying "look at what we COULD do if we wanted to".

I'm ok with what he did in Syria.

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I ended up watching the whole thing. Dude basically came up to speed from the 2016 campaign. Most of the stuff I knew already, but it was enjoyable listening to someone discover all these things "Did you now he doesn't drink or smoke....just has a thing for beautiful women?", "Did you know he has a history of supporting strong women?","Did you know he said he wants something more out of life then just being rich?".

Adam also has a pleasant voice, so it was easy to listen to.

As one comment on YouTube pointed out, it would have been nice if he covered Mar-a-Lago and the destiny of that site and how Trump fought the government left and right.

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The most practical thing to consider with Fauci is that he is a vaccine guy, through and through. He has been working in the vaccine industry for longer than a good portion of us have been alive. His wife also has a pivotal role in the government for the creation of vaccines. It doesn’t mean that vaccines are bad, just take into consideration that this guy has only ever known vaccines....and vaccines are going to be his preferred solution.

In other words, it’s ok to get a second opinion and go from there.

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Listen to Jordan Peterson’s series of Bible lectures. He will show you a very logical and methodical way why religion is so persistent in mankind’s history and will explain the very practical solutions it brings to our fucked up emotional state. It’s amazing stuff, but very long to listen to. He will show you why Christianity is the best version of religion when it comes to promoting individuality and prosperity.

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You no put dash on line. You be very sorry! You make Pooh Bear very angry!

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I can see someone like Joe Scarborough saying something like “The scary thing isn't that Joe Biden said this out loud, it’s that Donald Trump doesn’t say these things out loud”. And you're just left wondering what the fuck are you saying?

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Man I looked that show up on YouRube a couple weeks ago to see what the fuss was about and HOLY SHIT I ended up loving it. I been bing watching like crazy.

So many idiots in our beautiful free country. One persons freedom to be a loser is another persons freedom to be entertained!

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E-packet is still alive and well. I have ordered things in the last month on eBay that costs less than $10 total for items from China.

One item recently I bought three units from China for $7 total with shipping. I then also bought the same item from a person in the next state over, just 1 unit was $12....but I wanted one sooner rather than later to start working on a project.

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One thing that would screw them over quick would be to get rid of the e-packet shipping on eBay....no more shipping stuff for free from China. Though it would piss off consumers in the short term.

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An over the shoulder Biden holder?

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Not the first Arnold movie to be banned.

True Lies has never been re-released on Bluray, nor is it available for streaming. The DVD version that exists was pressed BEFORE 9/11. No one wants to release one of Arnold's best movies (and probably Tom Arnold's too) because it would be too offensive to real terrorists.

The only way it was ever released in HD (only 720p) was those crazy Japanese that had a very limited DTheater (digital VHS) release.

The terrorists win.

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If he picks Kamala then he becomes the first major presidential candidate, in my life time, to pick a VP who also campaigned against him. And all the baggage that goes along with that.

If he picks Susan Rice she becomes absolutely ripe for the picking on her involvement in Russiagate.

Unless they are planning on using her involvement in the election as a reason why Trump administration can't investigate her.

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A westernized black woman moving to Mexico......what could go wrong.....

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What a fucking IDIOT!

That was the most petty shit I have ever seen. NYC had the most COVID deaths. NYC has a history of police issues (Mike Bloomberg dropped out because of it) and this dipshit went and tried to dump it all in front of Trump Tower? What a stone cold loser.

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Literally anyone would have been better at being a racist than this guy!

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And then you get in a 10 minute sock 'em up brawl just cause someone says put on the mask and you say I ain't putting on the mask


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At least they have the ONE campaign message of Joe Biden “defeat Trump” 🙄 that’s their only concern. That’s it.

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