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because they hired dumbfuck securty guards who slacked on work always, then they had to make the footage disappear because they didnt follow the proper routine

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having pictures of the packages content not necessary the entire facts in that packet

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is there no secrecy of mail rule? this goes against all due process

the most likely scenario is somebody stole the question is then however why they got no video tapes

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but wouldnt the FBI take the entire package if it was legitimate?

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apply the standard what a democrat appointed judge would do for their side to understand what the standard is for good behaviour

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one man who cuts his hair too much and the other who cant cut his hair

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random employee in the logistic centrum, they stole it when they noticed the senders and recipient probably

if they got surveilance cameras they should know who took it

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they make very political decisions already convenient for the court not the republic

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no you are not, you are a drop in the ocean

it might help to foster and strenghten a dissident movement to be fair

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