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Ask Joe Biden about how Hunter Biden got a billion dollar check from China.

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He's doing it just because he knows what his fan base is.

Get woke go broke he's not stupid.

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Trump's going to win and it's going to happen after the election.

That's all I'm going to say about this subject. 😉

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Can't cover the news on the debate.

We got our world war the cover. - CNN

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Yeah he's definitely on drugs.

Why not say hell no I'm not taking any drugs.

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Could be 3D chess.

Makeup shit about Biden just like they made up shit about TRUMP.

Trump wins either way unless Biden takes a drug test.

Hey, if you're not on drugs then why not take the test.

Drug tests are the norm for jobs here in America.

You're running for the highest job in the land and you won't take a drug test???

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Rat = Anyone who thinks they know better than Donald Trump and says he should do this instead.

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Should be in jail when she hears Trump wins again. 🤣🤣🤣


For murder, the standard bail is $1,000,000. Attempted murder carries half or $500,000. If the DA has alleged that it was willful and premeditated, the bail standard bail is $1,000,000.

Those are just presumptive bail amounts for the charges. The judge is free to vary up or down depending on the facts of the case, prior record, etc.


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Nice. You got the basics!

Photoshop the head and some funny text.

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This week will be historic.


September job report.


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