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President Trump needs four more years so he can get to work with that well-honed axe.

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My man is beaming! Moreso about meeting POTUS than the win. Can't say I blame him.

Congrats, Colby. Another Covington Kid.

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POTUS said he might get a hat like Lincoln.

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Gonna guess test run for Macy's Thanksgiving Parade hot air balloons

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Love trumps hate. In action, right here. Great man, greatest leader.

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The "act of war" and the reason to "burn it all to the ground" is, seating a new justice before Nov. 3.

Seeing checkmarked Influencers/Manipulators post that shit. What a world.

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Ruth's fans hate her now. They hate her for dying. What a great group of people.

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It sucks that the gays & crew took ownership of the rainbow. It was a Christian symbol.

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Who's your Daddy?

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It feels great to say it out loud. To people. To people who don't like him (or at least they say they don't. Silenced Trump Voter)

"I love President Trump. I think he's great."

I don't seek it out but if someone else brings him up I'm going to say it.

The only time I regretted it was chatting with a nurse who was caring for my mom in the hospital, a few years back. There was no reason to regret it, they took wonderful care of mom but I wouldn't do it again in that situation. Especially now, too many Antifa medical professionals showing up in riot arrest mugshots.

Probably wouldn't tell anyone handling food or working on my car. How messed up is that?

So, are you still part of the friend group after that?

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The cop hate is spreading. Sad to see it here.

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I was looking into Oregon state and Portland politics.

Oregon has voted Democrat for President since 1988.

Oregon has had a Democrat governor since 1987.

Portland has had a Democrat mayor since 1957. Yes, 1957

*One Republican (Connie McCready) was an appointed (by city council) mayor for about a year in 79-80 when the elected mayor (rapist and future governor (1987) Neil Goldshmidt) left to take a position with the Carter administration. McCready lost to a Dem just 14 months after her appointment.

**Mayor Bud Clark is listed as Independent but was very left-leaning

But, I'm still holding out hope that the date rape drugs are wearing off of Oregon, Washington, and California and they regain their senses.

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Everyone says the rallies are incredible. Even the media has admitted this in rare moments of truth.

I'll admit, I'm jealous of our swing state frens (and of you, Leatherwood!). Though, it really seems like many blue states could be "in play" this time around. (Come here, President Trump!)

Gotta say, I am so glad that the rallies are live-streamed. Trump and Trump supporters are so electric that I feel it through the interwebs!

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