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that's pretty much what they did. the article said as much. 30 participants, 27 didn't have the disease.

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so retarded. the Chinese study Bloomberg cited had 30 participants, 27 of which tested negative for the virus. Only two people who took chloroquine even had Corona. Bloomberg just wanted to publish an article that headlined "TRUMP WRONG!!"

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huh, I don't recall those factors stopping Kavanaugh's accusers

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there are plenty of Chinese Americans and Chinese immigrants who are as pro America as you can be. yeah you can pick out a Chinese or black or Indian person easily but what good is it when you don't know their thoughts? they're just like the whites, you don't know what they're thinking unless they self select

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Holy crap. So I thought that study was bogus because the sample size is only 962 people. However the differences in rates of molestation are HUGE:

46% of homosexual men were molested, only 7% of the heterosexual men were molested.

22% of the lesbians were molested, only 1% of the heterosexual women were molested.

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a lot of people aren't going to realise that's an actual web URL

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did Newsom himself say that it was unconstitutional? there's a big difference between him saying it and it being obviously unconstitutional.

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Looks like the article concluded that the real problem is the Deep state making decisions when they weren't elected by the people

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did Pete bootygig drop out?

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how come when this site project was started months ago and i offered to help by volunteering my time as a professional full stack developer, I didn't get a single response from any admins or mods? you guys are obviously under a heavy workload. I'd gladly pick up a few tickets and chug through em. although my window of unlimited free time has passed, unfortunately

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better than not being able to talk at all

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are you serious, were you not there to see everything that happened? we don't have a choice, the admins of Reddit took over the_Donald. posting there is locked. this site was always intended to be a backup and we're all here because we can't use the_Donald anymore. not cuz someone forced us to come here. technically Reddit did force us out by killing the_Donald from the inside through takeover

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