uncle_nurgle [S] 16 points ago

(inaudible screeching)

Somewhere there are sandwiches not getting made. Smh.

uncle_nurgle [S] 4 points ago

Your patriotism is 11/10 my good pede.

uncle_nurgle [S] 2 points ago

your patriotism is all the uptrumps my memes need, pede.

uncle_nurgle [S] 7 points ago

dam son. Lets hang out and talk about MAGA stuff.

uncle_nurgle [S] 8 points ago

What worries me if things get really bad is all those college bound honor students taking the pavement temperature challenge at the hands of oppressive, white supremacist, roof top koreans.

uncle_nurgle [S] 44 points ago

Crashing the economy to make sure whites don't benefit. DemcratsTM

uncle_nurgle [S] 3 points ago

The donald posting valuable information in a crisis, upholding a proud tradition.

uncle_nurgle [S] 27 points ago

And just like in the real world, we already have a safe comfy place to practice social distancing is.

uncle_nurgle [S] 2 points ago

They are using this to justify extending entitlement programs, federal programs and, of course, funding for abortions.

These people are satanists.

uncle_nurgle [S] 1 point ago

Oh I’m imagining it. God help me I’m imagining it so hard.

uncle_nurgle [S] -1 points ago

You forgot to mention your favorite Korean pop star. It’s Taeyeon isn’t it?

uncle_nurgle [S] 8 points ago

Come hang out in discord. Very fine people in discord. Best memes. Ask anybody.

uncle_nurgle [S] 22 points ago

Since when have the democrats put family first? Their entire platform is based around eliminating the family.

uncle_nurgle [S] 1 point ago

Makes you wonder what he’s got under his fingernails.

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