Here is what he’s talking about:





A friend of mine who works in Nootropics had this to say:

“My cure for Coronavirus is still what I said a month ago, and Trump is finally on the bandwagon.

You simply need pharmaceutical grade methylene blue and some UV light, in this case 655nm light for human deep tissue penetration reaching all your capillaries.

We already have scientific proof of the effectiveness in using MB for all sorts of viral load reductions, including in blood and platelet cultures.

Addition of MB at a dose equivalent to 1g in a human to get the appropriate blood saturation and you reduce UV time needed from 30 minutes to 3 minutes to kill SARS and any coronavirus. Studies have already proven that the viral load will quickly reach an undetectable level.“

There’s are many ways to beat this virus quickly and safely. And plenty that you can’t copyright or patent or trademark or profit off of. But it’s hard to get the info out there when you have to fight the media and the WHO and big pharma and Bill Gates constantly.

EDIT: If anyone is considering using this to treat coronavirus or any issue where is has been shown to work well, please read up extensively on many nootropics forums on where to acquire an ideal toxic containment free form of MB as well as proper dosage with regards to body weight. When in doubt, less is likely best and mixing with vitamin C does reduce or eliminate staining concerns. Use caution and be smart. Don’t eat fish cleaner!


Step one:

Page 781 of the bill provides $25 million to the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives to cover "salary and expenses."

This is called a payoff. Pure and simple.


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