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I love how he specifically said the U.K. was excluded.

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He needs the essence to sustain his current form.

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Cucked by a boat. We need a video montage of all the times Bernie has been cucked. I think there’s enough now for an amazing remix.

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I feel the plan is to force the admins to “make a change” to the page, proving that they’ve taken over the sub and making them look completely totalitarian, so for now it’s a stalemate.

Although, they’ve still essentially won in paralyzing the sub and stopping the messaging, even if it’s been put into a state of suspended animation.

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  1. Mobile App is probably the biggest one. Safari mobile browser sucks. Most are going to be using this site from mobile.

  2. Sub boards. Would love to be able to create our own subs here to discuss anything and everything we want that relates to the overall nature of this site: freedom, liberty, and the proliferation of classical culture and strong bonded societies, family units, strong communities and economic systems that have proven to work for at least 10,000 years.

  3. Something that links former Reddit karma specifically related to T_D here. Sucks starting from 0. Not that it matters, but I’m sure systems are in place here that assign weight to stuff. I also wish old threads were imported for reference and backup. When the Reddit sub gets banned, we need our own cultural and meme history fully preserved. Not that hard to write a script that scrapes all the old posts and copies them here and also awards karma or up vote points or whatever to people with the same user name. I know it gets complicated but where there’s a will there’s a way. Or at least let people apply for those transfers if old material is copied here if they were strong contributors on the old Reddit sub.

  4. On that note, something that links the account here to Reddit so you can automatically cross post during the transition. Sucks to have different content and have to read two sites. If everything posted on Reddit gets replicated here it will improve the transition speed. Hopefully the base will post “censored” content here directly as the mirror need only go one way.

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I just realized Spez is an FTM secret Illuminati tranny.

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First comment here. And it’s that this REAL WOMAN is REAL HOT. Cucks be damned!