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I'm socially very liberal. And IMO - this is just me talking here - I think "conservative values" should include the inclination that everyone can do whatever they want. I'm pro-choice. I support gay marriage. Pro 2A of course. But the Trump Train includes many who don't adhere to the conservative stereotypes, that's one of the many great things about this movement.

At a state level? I vote Dem almost as often as I do Republican because sometimes the best candidates in my state are registered Dem. But on the Federal level, Conservative all the way. I strongly believe in states' rights and small fed..

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This.... is highly underrated

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> along with subtle algorithm changes, vote manipulation, downvote bots, etc.

Okay - after a couple years of noticing the weird downvote shit happening on T_D, my basic understanding of the downvote bot: The bot leaves a thread alone until it gets to a certain upvote number. Then it progressively downvotes more & more aggressively as the thread gets upvoted higher, but its tuned to not go overboard (to maintain the appearance of being 'organic' downvotes.)

Does that sound about right?

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> I've never smoked anything

That's why I stick to the edibles my dude.