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Agreed. James has a history of delivering the goods.

He also tends to drop one video, wait for the target to try to lie out of it, then drop the chaser.

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Q agnostic here; I think it might be an insider or Trump supporter(s) whose main purpose is to get people to do their own research, independent of mainstream news outlets.

No wonder they're freaking out.

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It will be about RBG's purported "last wish".

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This pleases me. The mocking laugh at the end of the clip made it perfect.

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ANOTHER president

Other than the one who was elected? Cry me a river, cat lady.

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Good! She needs a break from handing reporters asses to them. It must be tiring.

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Agreed. I won't cheer the demise of a political opponent. That's what the Left does. So...


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We all know debates are not happening. No way even Biden's handlers will be crazy enough to do this.

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OANN will cut over to cover it when it starts.

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