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I've noticed ever since he decided to call it a war and chinese virus that hes been talking big. A few days ago a US Navy ship had shot live fire missiles seen as warning against Chinese PDL. It wouldn't surprise me if "it" was on the table.

IMHO this should've been done and over with years ago. We all know it's coming.

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We need people like you more than ever. Seeing how bad it can around you real time and still pursuing healthcare regardless is a testament to your strong will and steadfast resolve. God bless you and Godspeed on your profession.

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(From user Marksmenright)


"Basically the Platinum and Gold Bullion Act of '95 allows the Secretary of Treasury to mint a coin worth whatever value he wants. The bills in question reference the creation of 2 $1 trillion coins. The coins would be submitted immediately to the Fed, completely bypassing the debt based money printer the Fed operates. This is the beginning of a new dollar, dramatically increasing the value of the dollar and ridding us of insurmountable debt. This will neuter the Federal Reserve.

All Trump needed was a crisis to kick it off."

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I wish we could save comments because I would save yours. I really needed to hear this. You mentioning God touched my heart.

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Didn't they end up going to prison later?

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Is California even a part of the Union at this point?

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We have free will endowed upon us by our Creator and a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. No man on earth can take that away.

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If you're right there's a good chance this is it.

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I heard Californians can't get online orders shipped for firearms, and ammunition requires background checks too from another T_D user.

Sounds like things are going to get spicy.

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How will they enforce this? Jail, fines? Will they need permission slips like in France? Unemployment won't be enough for the pop of California. People may die.

All California cares about is siphoning Trump's government money to put in their own pockets or toward immoral local practices, and they are willing to step on their own people to do it.

Californians can't even order guns and ammo because of this. God save them.

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We can't let China get away with this unscathed. This "virus" isn't some flu. It was a declaration.

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Target where I live had limits since last week last I was there.

tufftoffee [S] 2 points ago

No medicine, canned goods, water, or meat for you too? I live in central AL and shit's fucked. What a time to run out of groceries.

Guess it's time to dust off my rifle for hunting.

tufftoffee [S] 2 points ago

Alabama just got their first case and all the stores around me are empty shelves. MRE prices are through the roof. Crazy

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