trauncher [S] 2 points ago

Those are rookie numbers. Get them to under 10 mins... or better yet. STOP THEM before they cross. perhaps with land mines or something like that.

trauncher [S] 20 points ago

*A man who thinks he is a woman is a mentally ill man

*A man who thinks he is a woman so he cuts his dick off, is a dickless mentally ill man.

*A man who thinks he is a woman, so he dresses like a woman, and cuts off his dick is Rachael Maddow.

trauncher [S] 1 point ago

SUGGESTION Put all new accounts on mute for 30 days. let them try to post, and based on their muted posts, delete the account. if they try to bake their accounts for 30 days, then restart the clock from the first attempted posting. require a number of postings (but don't disclose the number) before an account will be considered active and restriction free.

Muted probation. simple, easy to implement, and will shut off 100% of the shills. If the new account credentials matches an active poster on the old T_D, then give them a fast review and let them in.

Don't provide their BS a place to grow.

trauncher [S] 4 points ago

We're a republic. this idiot doesn't even understand what kind of country he lives in. pathetic.

trauncher [S] 3 points ago

NAZI Pelosi is a Vile Evil Rancid Cunt who hates our nation... She is the ENEMY of the people. and she belongs rotting in GITMO.

trauncher [S] 1 point ago

Napalm and fire hoses would work just fine. and would make for Great TV.

trauncher [S] 2 points ago

Leftists... a cancer on the world.

trauncher [S] 2 points ago

Twitter is a DNC PAC. they should be regulated like any other PAC. NOW!

trauncher [S] 3 points ago

Pathetic Fascists trying desperately to convince everyone else that they aren't fascists.

trauncher [S] 1 point ago

Down deep they do care, and it really infuriates them... their anger and hate stems from their own understanding of how wrong they are... blinded by hate, shrieking for more free stuff... total looser... circling the bowl.... and their only possible solution is to break out, take the red pill, and join us. and THAT is what drives them absolutely crazy!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

trauncher [S] 2 points ago

Yup Yup Yup. also, make sure to repost/share the first couple of pages here every day. get the word out to everyone... TheDonald.Win is the new front page of the internet.!!!!

trauncher [S] 2 points ago

I've been here since beta, and haven't been back to reddit other than to ask Tom Fitton why he is over there speaking to literally nobody... It dawned on me, I hadn't killed my account, so I went over there and dumped it.

trauncher [S] 5 points ago

I can't help hoping that I run into that Rapaport pussy in a line at Starbucks or something. I would enjoy it so much... watching him wear his own coffee.. right before his cock sucking career was improved through the removal of his teeth.

trauncher [S] 9 points ago

on the surface it feels like that to everyone. however, the Defense Production Act is why you don't speak German... and your ancestors are not in some ash heap in a crematorium...

Research it. its a necessary worst case measure... not an easy one to be comfortable with... but in the end, you can't fight for our republic if both you and our republic doesn't exist...

I don't think this is one of those cases... however, its nice to have something to Ram up these left wing fascist asses if need be.

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