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The problem is small to medium businesses cant close for months on end. It's ok for the short term (maybe a month) but as businesses and people are forced to call it quits on loans. Then the economic shit storm will really kick-off.

Not saying a depression would take place but if one was to take place you are looking at a decade at least before recovery would take place. People have money now. People aren't going to have money in 4-5 months time.

I say this because more people will die of poverty and failing mental health than will die of this virus. Even in the worse case of the deaths from the virus.

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China is 100% responsible for the global spread of the Chinese virus. 2 whole months of doing nothing about it.

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Got to remember the CCP has been in power since 1949. Decades and decades of pure propaganda. Decades of killing off people that would be a treat.

The person is just a product of socialism.

It could easily happen in America. Given what socialist "rules" are being forced onto Americans atm. Not too far off something that can happen.

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Spoiler alert. Closing everything down will just drag it out for months and months. It won't stop the spread.

From what I'm hearing is that the virus can survive for a long time outside the body. As ins been engineered to do just that.

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The Democrats want it to spread so they can keep the economy closed for as long as possible. Then in turn harm Trump more.

Nothing really to do with any treatment or drugs. You will find there are things going on down on the ground to spread it more. Things like not cleaning public transport. Reducing public transport forcing people that have to go to work together more.

It will be the little things that will spread the virus across America.