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Nobody ever said the virus isn’t real. I don’t know a single person on here that thinks corona is fake.

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Lighten up asshole. I like how I got 4 downvotes as if what I said wasn’t true. If usain bolt got caught diddling little kids that wouldn’t make him any worse of a runner.

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He’s a sick fuck but he’s a hell of an actor.

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That's crazy because I don't even remember asking for your opinion.

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You’d like if my balls dropped wouldn’t you. Fag. By the way if you’re really a brown belt in jiu jitsu you’d know putting your knee on someone’s neck for longer than 5 seconds is quite dangerous. You must be that guy nobody wants to train with because you go all try hard mode when everyone else is just having a good time

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Can't exactly earn much when I haven't even graduated HS yet. Anyways I hope you have fun acting like a self righteous edgelord on this website, your ugly girlfriend won't fuck you so you've gotta take your anger out somewhere right? Your saltiness is just keeping me entertained so by all means keep making a fool out of yourself.

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I live in the 6th most expensive county in the country in one of the priciest towns IN MY STATE, you're not gonna impress me by saying you know how to run a couple businesses and have a normal salary (because six figures isn't shit). Hell the house I'm living in cost 7 figures ALONE and you wanna talk to me about your gay ass race motorcycle? Go back to posting edgy shit on 4chan or wherever the fuck you came from, you're an embarrassment to TD.win and I hope you get deported for your absolute mental retardation.

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Judging by your name you’re probably just some incel loser who thinks he’s cool by saying edgy shit about people who don’t agree with your autistic ass viewpoints. Go get laid for once in your life faggot, people with an IQ as low as yours shouldn’t even be allowed to vote.

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You’re stupid. I literally train in Jiu Jitsu and they do NOT teach you to press your knee (and body weight) against someone’s kneck (especially not for 8 mins) because that shit is dangerous and extremely cruel. Did Derek Chauvin murder George Floyd? Nope. Could he have, oh I don’t know, restrained him the proper way so that George wasn’t in serious pain for 8 minutes (which likely sped up the cardiac arrest)? Yup. Gtfo with your idiocy, I’d like to see someone have their entire body weight on your neck for 8 minutes (plus 3 other officers leaning on him) and see how you like it.

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Having your knee pressed against the dude’s neck for 8 minutes isn’t wrong to you? He should’ve called EMS

tigerz 23 points ago +33 / -10

I still think it was extremely improper for Chauvin to have his knee on Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes. I feel like they should’ve called EMS ASAP and restrained him a different way

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I wanna know who the judge is for the case, if we find out what his/her political affiliation is we can find out what the sentencing will be

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Do you think they actually tortured and ate them at his island? The idea of doing something that horrific to a kid is so insane to me, I almost don’t want to believe these people are THAT fucked up

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Soros henchmen.

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You can only hide the truth for so long.

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