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The thing is, most of the people who say "I believe in Science," aren't scientists. Hell, even eggheads PH.Ds on the Science channel talking about things they are experts on, tend to qualify a lot of things with "If that's true."

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Unfortunately, most of the 1st world's immigration policies are slanted that way. "Oh hey, you have a college degree, speak the language fluently, and have a job lined up? We're going to need you to fill out a metric shit ton of paperwork before we even consider letting you in."

OTOH, if you're from a 3rd world shithole, can't speak the language of the country you're moving to, are illiterate in your own language, then you can just claim refugee status, and the 1st world is your oyster.

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It's Russian disinformation, you can tell by the pixels.

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That's what tipped me off to the whole "Anonymous sources close to the president say" BS. Like c'mon man, come up with something plausible.

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The amusing part is that Cocaine Mitch told Reid at the time that was a really stupid plan that would screw over the Dems in an election or two. But the Dems were so sure of their 1000 year rule that Reid ignored him. And now here we are, with the Dems getting screwed over by Reid's over reach.

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I'm still waiting for my Gorilla Channel.

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They just figured that she would be a Dem based on the color of her skin, rather than the content of her, ya know, the thing.

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I don't do it professionally, was just saying that if you're looking for stuff to backup, you don't need to copy the entire HD, just some data that couldn't easily be re-installed. So for example, Excel wouldn't be backed up, but Excel spreadsheets would be backed up on a thumb drive.

That said, talk to anybody in IT and they can tell you stories about people messing up their computers from looking for things on the internet their wives would rather not know about.

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You don't. If you're backing up data, you're looking for things people actually want backed up like family pics, videos, e-mails, PDFs, spreadsheets, etc. That usually doesn't take up that much space and can usually fit on a thumbdrive.

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Trump knows he is walking into the lyins den on NBC. You really think Trump is dumb enough to expect a fair shake from them? He's going to walk out with some pelts.

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You think the average Storm Trooper knows how to install a toilet main? All they know is killing and white uniforms.

There had to be a lot of contractors on that second Death Star.

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Except for the whole part where the Dems controlled the WH and the senate from 2008 to 2010. RBG could have retired then. The R's couldn't really do much more than token opposition, and would have likely rolled over, like with Kagan and Sotomayor.

Even lots of libs thought that RGB should have retired then, since, well, she was old, and an equally liberal replacement wouldn't get much opposition.

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The thing is that plenty of people, including Cocaine Mitch, were telling Reid and his cohorts that the Nuclear option was a terribly bad idea and could be used against them.

Now, we have Trump filling all the federal court seats Obama left on the table, and the Dems only outlet is to go scream on MSDNC because Reid killed all the procedural rules they could have used.

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I can guarantee you, whoever the nominee is with an R next their name in 2024 will be unfavorably compared to Trump by the Dems. "Sure we had our disagreements with Trump, but (Insert name here) - R is worse than Hitler."

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There's also the issue that practically no other countries have birthright citizenship. Try having an anchor baby in Mexico or France, and tell them that because the kid was born there, they are now full citizens with voting rights and on the government teat. They'll tell you to GTFO you dumb Yankee. (Well not in those exact words, they would probably say it French or Spanish.)

For people who scream about international norms all the time, that is one norm the left is conspicuously against.

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Saw Tyson doing his shark week thing. It is possible to think that Tyson is both 20 years past his prime, and that you couldn't pay me enough to get in the ring with him.

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Apparently, the security guard the network hired who took the shot was a Pinkerton? Damn story just keeps getting weirder, so gonna stop speculating.

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Source? The videos I have seen so far is that it was an Antifa harassing patriots, the patriots peppersprayed him, and he pulled a gun.

There were some news reporters busted for violating curfew, but that's kind of par for the course for these kind of events. If every reporter was cleared to violate curfew, everybody would claim to be a reporter.

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