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Ok legit, why does all this hyper-left art look exactly the same? Like you know what I'm talking about right? It's the same ugly cartoons where everything is over stylized. It's like the art version of "why do they all look like this" meme.

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If anyone wanted to know how people in Nazi Germany could just ignore what was going on around them, we now have first hand experience of it.

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Take the pill Bret.

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Did Bret finally give up his Unity 2020 idea?

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Best part is I don't think it even placates them.

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Corona just gave them an amazing excuse to start going more all-in. Wonder how long till people get the pitchforks?

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Hopefully she keeps speaking sense. I mean its not like they'll get anything from Ottawa by pushing Liberal agendas (cough Doug Ford cough) since Trudeau already despises them. Meanwhile Ontario is becoming the real Karen of Canada.

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Hey don't say that! Our first black(face) PM will be announcing his new agenda for destroying the country next week! It'll be terrible for sure, but what flavor of terrible is the real mystery. Should be a fun time!

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Yes but they don't want that - they want YOU to be as afraid and as obedient as them. Common sense would dictate that we try to adopt a strategy like what you're suggesting. But because they are afraid it means that everyone else has to be afraid as well, otherwise their world view will fall apart.

I really do wonder what someone like Jung would say about this phenomenon that we're seeing? I'm sure there will be dissertations written about this once we're decades into the future.

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Canada does not need nor want these people. Besides, this is the same shit they said back in 2016 and somehow they all just happened to stick around.

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I've seen people act confused when this is brought up, "how exactly do shutdowns hurt anyone?" Yes, these are the kind of people we're dealing with.

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Destroy their livelihoods through economic lockdowns, making the ones that remain desperate enough to open and operate with any kind of ridiculous mandate. That's basically what's going on.

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Brave is what I use, have been happy so far. Waterfox is also an interesting one that is supposed to be a more privacy based Firefox. I haven't used it as much but it seems solid.

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You know what, you're right, but I'll take it. Striking at this is the start. If it scares enough other institutions to follow suit, maybe we'll start rebuilding proper values for our kids.

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