thewordwolf 1 point ago

You shouldn't get downvoted for this.

Half these idiots would probably vote for Nikki Haley!

thewordwolf 6 points ago

Take a break from all news sources for a few days.

Trust me. Seek God/stillness, if you're so inclined.

Come back after. You'll see. It's like taking steroids.

thewordwolf 3 points ago


Ah, me. Bliss. THIS pede gets it.

South Dakota or Nebraska seems nice this time of year.

thewordwolf 13 points ago


Friends/family might help. Try to travel in packs, like the joggers do. Unfortunately, white people seem to enjoy doing things solo or in duos, without a million homies to back them up.

thewordwolf 20 points ago

My aforementioned fiance was NOT a fan of young black men, for these very reasons.

thewordwolf 11 points ago

OP -

I've had this sort of encounter with blacks (I'm white), no exaggeration - AT LEAST 15 times in my life.

I feel for you. You should see what it's like when your fiance is ALSO black. One 4th of July, years ago, we had almost the exact same situation when leaving the fireworks display downtown. They surrounded my car, trying to push it over, or something. Threw rocks at us... and just like with you, probably 15-20 of them.

Ironically, we got jumped and assaulted by another group of blacks a few years later... on the 4th of July! Again!

thewordwolf 8 points ago

It's a joke, dummy.

Lighten up. (Although I agree with you in principle, bit who gives a shit, really.)

thewordwolf -3 points ago

With what... gov't regulations and mandates?

Cry harder, Karen. I was at the zoo the other day, too, ironically.

Mask dipshits, like yourself? Essentially, NO ONE.

Boo hoo.

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