I could host this myself or use a vps but was wondering if anyone had a guide / the code for a reddit bot.

I want to reply to certain threads in certain subs promoting this website. As a die hard fan it even took me a while to create an account here and I know other's are looking to get off reddit.

Thanks all


If you have youtube videos with p|z z.a gate evidence you believe will be removed from youtube, please share them here. I will ensure they are reuploaded to not only YouTube as regularly as possible (burner phone and multiple accounts in the works), but will also upload them all to Bit Chute to preserve them.

they will be here: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/FMkYpg7d7eDH/

*disclaimer: i am talking about investigations and documentaries done by investigators and journalists not disgusting illegal content.

did we ditch the discord? I heard the mods had very very extreme vetting. I tried to join once but didn't want to link my reddit profile to my discord account.

I should of just made a new discord account back then tbh.


If you’re looking to contribute to fighting the information war but are not sure how - I have two very simple ways to help out.

  1. As we know, YouTube videos/channels get taken down often. You can download investigations and vital evidence (p||zza gat.e, clint0// body count, etc) using various methods.

There is a program called iTubeDownloader (like $8) as well as ways to download the videos raw from Chrome using Developer tools.

thank you patriot_pat for this method: fyi - i have not vetted this app personally.

I've been using THIS ( http://www.portablefreeware.com/index.php?id=2634 ) one. It's free, portable (no installation required) and works with WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10 / Wine. Just be sure to set the settings for the type and quality of file you want to end up with before you do the download. Or at least experiment with a few before you go to grab something critical.

thanks to thedrbooty who shared this method here: fyi i have not vetted this app personally.

  1. Search for youtube-dl.exe.
  2. You need a tiny bit of computer savvy to use it. There are a lot of features, but the main download is simple.
  3. Put the file youtube-dl.exe in a folder Now, open a cmd prompt, go the the folder with a command like, cd/(foldername)
  4. Next, type the command youtube-dl.exe (link of youtube video)


You can upload these videos to Bitchute.com, which will not ban the videos just got going against the global elite narrative. Bitchute doesn’t require SMS validation.

A VPN / Tor is always recommended if you can to protect yourself. Remember these companies do have your IP address.

  1. You can share across reddit / youtube comments that since The_Donald has been silenced that thedonald.win is the new sub. You can also share other links so videos on bit chute / infowars (banned.video) or anything you think if vital information that is usually otherwise banned from mainstream social platforms.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

Be well all