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I said this back in 2018, asking why the flying fuck did neither Trump nor the GOP fight this?

I mentioned that this looked like a trial run for 2020 and that with both the GOP and Trump not fighting against this nonsense, they would do the same in 2020 and it would be even worse.

Here we are 2 years later and this is definitely much more worse now

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They saw it coming and I hope it will come.

But I dont think it will come now.

Most women want more government control and and expansion of the government.

Lots of men do as well.

And they're not fighting or dying for liberty.

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Here is what I think is going to happen if Biden wins - either through the ballot or with Kav and yes, AOC siding with the liberals, whilst Gorsuch refrains -


No, seriously, nothing.

Now, there will be anger and you will get some resistance, where people will possibly attack in rage.

These will stop soon though cos the media will so fully cover it as white supremacists coming to kill us all, that the average MAGA supporter will be embarrassed to fight alongside these men.

Once that is done, you will all go back to your jobs.

Some of you will kill yourselves.

A good chunk will get nihilistic about life and just accept defeat.

Another good solid chunk will try and fight back legally through the courts.

I know this sounds depressing and I don't want this to be true but after 4 years of highs and lows and what the globalist shills have managed to do in 2020, I hate to state this being the reality.

It will unfortunately need to devolve into serious Weimar Republic hell or the systematic execution of every MSM and Social media starlet, including Hollywood celebs, Dem and RINO politicians and 3/4ths of the teachers in public education before anyone tries to fight back.

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I bet the Pope will condemn the cartoonists and apologise to the Muslim world that two Catholics came in the way of a peaceful Muslim's knife, causing them to be beheaded.

One even let herself be stabbed

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It's why I chose it.

I'm more doom and gloom in my outlook and 2020 is the perfect year for it

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Is this Constitutional though?

Remember that Kav and Gorsuch aren't conservative but constitutional. Same with ACB.

It seems like that since each state is allowed to decide how they count ballots, this might not go against the constitution and Republicans in NC's legislature need to sort this out first before taking it to the court.

But if not, fuck these two knobheads.

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If that is true, is it more harm win another 4 years?

Maybe it's time to burn it down now rather than wait.

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Yup. The Irish and the Scottish are possibly the most cucked populations ever.

If you thought the French and the Germans were cucked, wait until you encounter an Irishman or a Scot.

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You think they cant get more retarded but every day they prove they can be.

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Duh! Remember that the GOP wants to go back to being the "brave opposition that wants to fight for middle America and uphold Americans morals and values"

Then, once they are in power, they do the opposite.

Remember McStain literally telling his constituents to elec him back so he could help defeat Obamacare, then once he had the chance to do it, voted against the bill that could have put an end to it?

Fuck the GOP. Trump needs to find and gut every RINO but nothing can be done by one man.

If he loses this election, bury the GOP.

Unlike the Dems, GOP supporters mean what they say.

The GOP fucks tried to bernie Trump in 2016 and have spent the last 4 years trying desperately to go back to being a dickless, cuck of a party.

They either become Trumpian or burn the corpse.

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This is a bad gamble though.

They should have arrested these fuckers after 2018, when they did this to Republicans aiming for Congress.

By now, we could have had a more level playing field on social media and a landslide could have been guaranteed.

Unfortunately, now it's not gonna be a landslide if they are planning on stealing the election and the US Republic suffers the consequences of that.

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Yeah, and the parasites will come and vote blue once they settle in the red state.

That's what the Cali cucks did in Colorado

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Really? All the top voted comments are a mix of concern and based.

If anything, expecting Reddit mods to nuke the post very soon.

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So their CEO kissing BLM's ass and going woke didnt save them, you say?

Oh too bad

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What happens when the illegal alien is the sex offender?

Do they deport themselves and get citizenship?

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