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Grammar nuke, but has lowercase "i".... RIP..

hehe, still awesome though.

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This is why its a "harris administration". Democrats are demons.

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So are you insinuating that his fellow scientists setup a hit? or something else I am not getting here?

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Well technically what the cow ate to contribute to it growing so you could eat it also died. But I get your point. :)

Personally, I don't care what people eat. I try to eat more plant-based shit and sometimes eat meat. I actually gain more muscle and trim fat easier w/plant-based protein. But that's me. Everyone is different.

My only reasoning is that I do not like the way the food industry treats the animals, houses the animals, processes the animals. The food industry reminds me of big pharma. My opinion of course.

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He was not wrong. I live in Oregon. There have been numerous leaked videos online about people starting fires.

This is just bullshit by the Sheriff's office.

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It's turned off by default, assuming you trust their EULA on it and Apple.

Unfortunately, the mobile phone market is dominated by Apple or Google. Both censoring, corrupt companies.

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This is why I voted for Trump. I wanted this shit ended.

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This. Change location. Update meme :)

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I've been saying something like this for a while.

Human nature, human instincts for self preservation, and self defense are to be among your own. Tribalism is not inherently bad and shouldn't be assumed as such.

Forced integration of ANY race into another race is a recipe for disaster. It's evident throughout the world's history.

Sure, in a utopian liberal vision, perfect segregation and harmony is top-choice. Reality is, it will never and has never succeeded.

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Definitely a weak hoax for sure. Aint even worried about this one. Nobody in their right mind would believe that. So in reality that means only Democrats will and well, those TDS morons wont vote Trump anyway.

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Is all of those accusations true? I was gone all last week so catching up and digging has been a PITA.

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