thats_lt_col_leaker [S] 1 point ago

patriotskorzeny take your attitude back to reddit. we are civilized here.

thats_lt_col_leaker [S] 3 points ago

Imaging how much of that spam stuff goes on on Reddit and they don't do anything about it. A large part of /r/worldnews or whatever is probably just bots.

thats_lt_col_leaker [S] 0 points ago

i agree. this isn't reddit. this stuff doesn't sound that far from bernie's gulag supporter people. have some humanity. that could be you in the homeless camp someday. you never know

thats_lt_col_leaker [S] 7 points ago

sadly its the people who are abusing the lack of term limits that are making it hard for things like term limits and voter id etc to get done

thats_lt_col_leaker [S] 2 points ago

democrats are the party of the confederacy and the kkk. republicans seem to innate understand the other races can stand up for themselves and help themselves and defend themselves without help like regular people. democrats want to create social programs and welfare and shit and republicans hold your responsible for your own actions.

thats_lt_col_leaker [S] 4 points ago

This is a pretty legit comment. Making money doesn't make you a cunt. Most people I know who make good money work reall hard and are talented..

thats_lt_col_leaker [S] 2 points ago

Exactly. Trump is anti-establishment. I'm surprised how many people who claim to be anti-establishment can't see it.

thats_lt_col_leaker [S] 2 points ago

For reals. This isn't Reddit. These long-hated hateful diatribes to save face remind me of that place.

thats_lt_col_leaker [S] 3 points ago (edited)

Triggered Alex Jones hater spotted. Watch the video. It shows actual clips of the history of reeducation camps and how and why they existed and still exist.

Also, the guy is a campaign organizer for Sanders. Safe to say he wasn't some soy boy or whatever you call it. But do continue to hate on Alex Jones every chance you get. I expect it when I post his videos. Don't care.

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