texas_forever_yall [S] 6 points ago

I’ve been wondering that too. Otherwise, I can’t imagine there won’t be a divorce soon...

texas_forever_yall [S] 2 points ago

I think they’ll “prayerfully consider it”, and “talk to their constituents”, and then he’ll say something like “despite overwhelming and hncontested evidence of unethical behavior, we cannot continue to allow orange man to divide this country and we’ve decided not to even hold the vote in the house blah blah blah.” Then they’ll act like GEOTUS has been the one distracting them from doing real work, etc etc. I think Schiffty needs a way out of this dumpster fire too.

texas_forever_yall [S] 11 points ago

How could this one post in this VERY RECENTLY CREATED FORUM get more upvotes than T_D’s top posts ever show? It feels so good to see high numbers again!