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People like you are white I hate both sides of the aisle. You're all the same.

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Typical internet retard response. If somebody isn't in 100% agreement with your ideas then they're the enemy and must be destroyed. If I didn't know better I'd swear I was replying to a comment /r/SandersForPresident.

You're a fool and the fools will cost Trump any chance he has a flipping this because they can't separate fact from opinion.

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Don't give the fucking opposition any ammo to toss your testimony, dipshit.

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I don't think comments like that are helpful to the case. Stick to the facts and don't give the defense any reason to think your testimony is biased.

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I don't think I've ever considered Breitbart to be a new source.

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And her stupid ass followers will buy them up and then cry that they can't afford their rent.

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I avoid all the big companies. Working with H1Bs can be bad enough, but you're right, once you get enough of them in the office then their shit ass caste culture starts to dominate the office.

My current company is 100% American.

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Software developer of nearly 20 years. I hate the H1B Visa program with such a passion.

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I certainly hope those wealthy folks lawyer up then sue for legal fees after they win.

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