tangerinemanbad [S] 18 points ago

That went to "fuck the police" to "kill whitey" faster than the Nike's amd vizio's could fly off the shelf

tangerinemanbad [S] 1 point ago

I wonder if any of them even know the guys name.

tangerinemanbad [S] 2 points ago

CT pede here. New York sent a lot of people here and they died here, and I know personally someone e who died of OD and was labeled covid. The governor fudged numbers bad.

tangerinemanbad [S] 9 points ago

Everyone should be appalled at the actions that "peace officer" took that led to the death of that guy. But stealing TV's and Nike's? Really? Instead of having a combined message they riot and loot. Fucking idiots.

tangerinemanbad [S] 49 points ago

What the fuck. They have literally seized power. Pelosi has more authority than the president. Drag her crusty ass out of office now mr president before she steals our republic, moreso than she already has.

tangerinemanbad [S] 8 points ago

This just seems like a means for china to tighten the noose. Without a special status there's literally no other reason for china to not take over using military force if HK is t financially a net gain for them.

tangerinemanbad [S] 1 point ago

Because its my home? If you live in a blue state like me you know how high the taxes are. So if its fiscally impossible to just up and move before all this, it's even more so with blue states being made. Bankrupt by their own bad policy. I wont argue their shit policies, but to be willing to abandon and disregard all the people fighting tooth and nail to make our home states livable and get rid of the parasitic politicians here makes conservatives no better than the liberals. How about deep red state citizens bring attention to states like mine through their medium of choice? Write our GOP, I certainly do. Write our governor. Write everyone, harass the fuck out of them. It's what I'm doing. And I've seen the effects. It got our governor sued by the state police for denying fingerprints for pistol permits to reverse the decision. Our voice matters.

tangerinemanbad [S] 0 points ago

Of course I have emergency money but that won't last long in a bankrupt state, that can take years to recover. So I'll ask again, acceptable loss? Sucks to be them?

tangerinemanbad [S] 0 points ago

I'm curious. How do you expect those thousands of people to live in a bankrupt state who vote red? Cause if they couldn't move before they sure as shit wouldn't be able to then. Just an acceptable loss?

tangerinemanbad [S] 15 points ago

Just stay ready. If for nothing else, to keep your home safe. But if the election is stolen like so many states are trying to accomplish, I dont forsee trump letting it go without a fight. Were not a democracy. We are a constitutional republic.

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