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Boris Johnson and the UK conservative party are in the middle of securing a massive landslide victory against the labour party socialists.

Conservatives will hold a majority of power in government so Boris will be able to rule uncontested and get Brexit DONE next month.

This is the labour party socialists worst performance in like 90 years.

Epic fucking win for conservatives tonight.

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There is no way that Lindsey Graham will allow a Senate investigation to occur because he would be implicated in at least several things.

Impeachment, if it even passes the house vote (which is not even certain at this point), is going to be dead on arrival in the Senate; Graham will make sure it is tabled.

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This is officially handing a win to Trump. Pelosi is now on record saying that this is a much better deal than something Clinton came up with (NAFTA).

It must really boil her blood to actually say good things about Trump and likely end up passing a deal he orchestrated.

Too bad Nancy, everything you do is lose-lose now.


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Johnson will win.

You guys really need to fix your shit over there.

Get cracking! And when is that unfortunate mayor of London up for re-election?

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That's an old UK definition that has fallen out of vernacular and style.

"Give us a kiss, love"

An old British grandpa said to his granddaughter in 1924

Clearly fuckery by Google.

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When public officials start distancing themselves like this, they know something is coming down the pipe, and it ain't something good

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Graham is gonna table it. It's going nowhere in the Senate because it would mean investigating his own corrupt ass

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Lol I took one glance and immediately saw my nearest large city mayor.

Fucking cucks

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Chanel Rion can track me down whenever she wants

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LOL the dancing Dinesh is fantastic

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Lol a Senate trial would WRECK these Dem fucks.



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