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Degeneracy shouldn't be celebrated. Look how fast lEt uS mArY EaCh OtHeR In PeAce turned into child drag queens and crap.

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At least they don't contribute to the gene pool

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Asheville is the weirdest city in NC. Full of homeless/hippies.

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Most people are too stupid not to fall for this sadly. Its up too us not to let them get away with this.

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Serious question, what can you do about it if biden wins and this plan goes through? Skip taxes and deal with the irs?

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Here's from the bitch he's running against. "Gun Legislation I support legislation that bans assault weapons and magazines. I believe we need to require background checks and licensing permits for all firearms. The gun show loophole needs to be closed; private to private sales must require the firearm be registered to the new owner (like vehicle registration transfers). I support Extreme Risk Protection Order legislation, also known as Red Flag Laws. Our safe storage legislation needs to be strengthened and required in all homes and locations with firearms, not just in homes with minors."

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https://www.markrobinsonfornc.com/mark_on_the Here's his website.

copy and paste: ISSUES 2nd Amendment

Mark has been a fierce fighter for the 2nd Amendment, as was seen in his Greensboro City Council speech. Since then he has continued to stand for the 2nd Amendment, serving on the Board of Directors for the NRA.

Pro- Life

Mark grew up as the 9th of 10 siblings. In poverty, and with an abusive alcoholic father, he ended up in foster care. The radical left believes stories like his should not exist because low income families should abort their babies rather than giving them the opportunity to grow up in sub- optimal conditions. As a Christian, Mark will honor the sanctity of life.


Mark believes that education is one of the most important issues that our state faces today. He believes that education should be just that, education; Indoctrination in our public schools must end. Mark advocates for parents having the decision in how and where their children are educated and supports school choice. As a part of supporting school choice, he believes that we should continue and strengthen opportunity scholarship programs which allows students of lower economic statuses to have the opportunity to go to a school outside of the public school system and to receive financial assistance to do so.


Mark knows what it’s like for NAFTA to gut wages and take jobs, he experienced that himself. He experienced this twice, with the second company moving to Mexico. Mark will fight for workers across North Carolina to make sure they have jobs to support their families.


Mark will always affirm and congratulate those who come here legally. However, he does not support those who illegally come across the border. It is a crime to do so, and should be treated as such. Sanctuary cities within our state are dangerous and disproportionately affect low income areas. Mark will stand up against sanctuary cities.


As a veteran, Mark will fight for those who have given themselves to serve this country. Our veterans deserve to be taken care of, and Mark will not simply talk about getting results, he will do it. He believes that in the same way there was no expense spared to send them off, we should not spare any expense to take care of them when they come home and need help.

Voter ID

In 2018, 55% of North Carolinians voted for an amendment which would require ID to be shown in order to vote. After this amendment passed, activist judges struck it down. It is time to enact Voter ID laws, it is common-sense legislation for the common good.


As someone that has owned a small business, Mark understands less taxes and regulations means business owners can hire more employees and invest more into their communities.

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Its hilarious how they scream "Oh my god" as if they're being gunned down for no reason at all when in reality its their own dumbass fault.

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Turns out, normal people don't like maniacs burning businesses down in anger because no one supports their crap. They're shooting themselves in the foot with their anger.

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Came across it today from last year and it seems relevant again. Credit to whoever made it.

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Homophobia is a good thing. Silver lining to the hip hop culture.

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