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I too would love for people to continue buying Teslas :^)))

Tesla stock go brrrrrrrr

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Love these acts. I started a fundraiser and raised a little over $1,400 for the local police department. Bought a bunch of useful stuff to make their shifts a little more comfortable. I don't think these people get enough vocal support.

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I'd probably lose 75% of my IG followers if I posted this LOL

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No marxists are gonna get in the way of the TRUMP TRAIN!

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Service definitely doesn't equate to patriotism. It's the motive behind serving that really matters.

There's people that look to serve simply for attention, bragging rights, etc. Then there's the incredible people that genuinely want to protect and serve the country because they believe in something worth fighting for.

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Very common in California.

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If Trump wins, the silent majority shouldn't be silent anymore. We can't let our society go back to these levels of degeneracy.

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Will never be able to find this in California :(

taavofficial 36 points ago +37 / -1

Damn right I'm an American, I'm just making a case that minorities like myself also support this.

taavofficial 56 points ago +57 / -1

There needs to be official T_D merch to help advertise the site! I LOVE THIS WEBSITE

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I'm a beginner stock market investor and I bought one share of Tesla at $598. I had a raging boner today watching it break $1,300.

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