sushicomped [S] 3 points ago

so what hes saying is - Butthead is the least damaged democrat candidate at this point? wow thats not saying a whole lot.

ever notice how the DNC isnt running around celebrating some magic candidate that will assuredly beat Trump? all they're interested in doing is bringing Trump down because they have absolutely no way to beat him.

unless they pull and oprah or the rock they cant win. shit is done before it ever began.

sushicomped [S] 2 points ago

we dont have the full story do we? that link does not constitute a full story.

sushicomped [S] 6 points ago

Everytime I come to this site

Retinas - seared like tunas.

sushicomped [S] 1 point ago

please make this happen soonerer then not as much

sushicomped [S] 4 points ago

If we could get the entire subreddit over here and your total members is multiple times larger than Reddit ohmen