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His jokes always blow up in his face.

Everytime he gets called out for saying something retarded he says "come on man, it's a joke."

He's running for president, he isn't a damn comedian.

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Bumblebee has been put in an excellent position.

They should put out an ad saying 20 percent of their profits for the remainder of 2020 will go to a police fund.

Sales will explode.

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Nfl and nba players,. many who have raped.....are honoring a rapist.

2020 is fuckin weird man.

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I don't know who the two on the left are, and that makes me happy.

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Even if it's true it doesn't f****** matter, nobody's dying wish supersedes the constitution.

You know what my dying wish is for every filthy commie to drop dead..... Doesn't mean it's going to happen.

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Dads counter offer: Tell ya what, I'll pick Trump and my grandkids, but yeah I'm good with you leaving my life.

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What's going on here?

Why is that dude's panties in a bunch?

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Isn't that the "actress" that used to rape her little sister?

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looks like something from a sausage factory.

Like, those Bob Evans sausage links....or a Johnsonville Brat.....or one of those Hickory Farms smoked sausages?

Also, any link you share will stay blue.

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Cause Bidens a pedo. He probably has it on his favs list.

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