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You're here arguing that you agree and support Obama's America hating decision, and you're asking me to explain why I think you support and agree with Obama's decision?

Obama was wrong, as always. If ending the WFDF policy was good for America, he wouldn't have done it. Not sure why you feel the need to play pretend about that.

Obama was wrong, and, you're wrong. IMO.

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If it was good for America, Obama wouldn't have done it.

Nobody could honestly even entertain the idea that he concerned himself with America's right to borders.

Trump is going to win. Despite these Obama efforts that you're supporting.

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"Was it for following Immigration rules?"

No idea how it could even be possible for a Trump supporter to pretend Obama was concerned about immigration rules.

Obama gave you what you wanted in this instance, because it's good for Democrats who hate America. Just like every single other thing he ever did as POTUS.

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That would be racist. But, the Biden voter has him mounted with double wrist control.

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He only ended wet foot dry foot because he wanted to support Cuban dictators.

He was wrong on that issue too. Cuban Americans will give Florida to Trump. And I'd trade a white American libtwit for a based Cuban every single time.

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Setup a BBQ at a Trump rally and make some new friends. Being happy is the best revenge. Just make sure you send him the pictures of your new guy in a MAGA hat.

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Because bombing ISIS would contribute to global warming.

No, seriously, that was Obama's excuse for systematically propping up and enabling ISIS. Global warming.

He lied and said they couldn't be defeated but only contained, and that it would take a decade to contain them. And then Hillary lost and ISIS was almost immediately and almost entirely obliterated.

Not because Trump has a magic wand, but because Trump told our military leaders to stop protecting ISIS and destroy them.

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Every Paris Accord country wiped their butt with the bogus agreement. The US leads the world in emissions reductions.

This is blatant transparent propaganda.

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This is a serious conundrum on college campuses today. They want to push the idea that Trump is Hitler, so they direct people here or to 4Chan to "research".

They end up losing people, because they go digging for hate and they just wind up seeing rational ideas and reasoned points of view.

Why not put on a MAGA hat and go to a pro Trump event? Go undercover. If they beat you up and spit on you for not being white, your choice is easy right?

Then wear the same hat to a tolerant left wing anti-Trump SJW event, undercover. And see how you're treated.

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Did the book burners at Twitter even try to offer an excuse?

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"Just an FYI, that girl who gave you a blowjob at the party, worked for us and we got it on tape. And, she's underage. And, she's a boy. And, he has HIV. And we'll show it to your family".

You pretty much own them at that point.

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These photos make me want to punch Liam Neeson.

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A terrible example to keep in mind, when people accuse you of being racist for telling the truth about Islam.

Those Irish looking white death cultists were the ones who massacred children at Beslan. Look up that old news on youtube if you're not familiar.

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That's not him in the picture, it's just one of the first pictures that comes up when you google search for "Chechen".

Bunch of death cult terrorists who look like Conan Obrien.

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Devil's advocate, benefit of the doubt for the conspiracy-inclined, throwing them a bone here... Sex with a child is one thing they would do to get you under their thumb. It's how Epstein became Epstein. And I suspect it explains a lot of the motivation behind a lot of the usual suspect swamp rats.

Adam DipSchiff visited Ed Buck's meth rape murder dungeon like, 15 times? Someone got him on video doing something.

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The claim hasn't come from any 1st hand source. Right?

The child obsession stuff, is probably sick pedo anime or something. He's the type.

Who knows, that could be the 10 days out surprise.

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