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In West Philadelphia born and raised

Watching my girl get fucked is how I spent all of my days.

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I don't think Manafort was in on the plan. I suspect he worked for Paul Manafort and got burned.

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Isn't he the guy that directed Platoon?

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meh Borat way overrated in my opinion. Was a big fan of Ali G at the time but I can't be bothered to give people like him attention any longer.

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I have noticed that many of the ladies that work in healthcare (and its mostly ladies) enjoy the power they get over sick and weak people and in general act and behave like they are degenerate sluts.

edit: I mean no disrespect to the few ladies that still care about the job they are doing and aren't complete bitches.

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Her big U of Alabama linebacker sized cock and balls is also a red flag for me. "Impressive weight on that unit believe me. No problems there".

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was thinking the same thing "lookit me lookit me" the last dude was great.

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No it doesn't but it has a nice ring to it, its catchy and I like it.

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Thank you President Trump, the wife and I are bummed today we are about to go through Wuhan Flu hoax 2.0 up here. (I am Canadian too but if America falls we are soooo fucked).

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I used to think that but as years went by and sodomy became trendy and all the rage I began to suspect it was the age of the victims rather than the gender that compromised him.

edit: pardon me if that is what the term "twink" implies. I am not familiar with the term and am not going to look it up ha!

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More people murdered in Chicongo than in Afghanistan and Iraq! Chiraq!!!

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If somebody 20 years ago told Dale Earnhardt (or most of the drivers of that era) that somebody hung something offensive in their garage like a Klan hood he would have forgotton about it 5 seconds later and was focused on winning.

That is the difference between champions and people who play for the love of the game and those who do something for attention.

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I believe John Lennon was aware the game was rigged and started to figure out that we were told a big bunch of lies. He was very intelligent but not always mentally stable. I don't think John Lennon would have been bowing down to the woke mob.

I hate the song Imagine and what it stands for. I'm not defending his views.

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I feel like if one of the girls in the front row was seriously wounded or knocked out all the other girls in the picture wouldn't be keen to fight any longer.

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You'd be forgiven for thinking that. I watched the first two Dem debates, I mean the first one I didn't even make it to 15 minutes before turning it off. The second I made it about 5 minutes in.

Two things struck me, first is they are all mentally ill. Second is they are all unlikeable. I mean horrendous, Warren, Klobuchar, Kamala etc. are unlikeable at all times. Bernie was like an old man who was annoyed and angry and everything and couldn't control his temper any longer.

Williamson, Gabbard and Biden are the only candidates out of the initial 20 or whatever it was who don't make you want to kill yourself just listening to them.

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Not a based medical doctor but would perhaps the stress accelerate the mental decline? I'm not saying it would for sure but I suspect it would.

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A cult. I think we are seeing the symptoms of all sorts of different mental health issues. This (cough) diverse group are drawn to cults in general because they don't really deal well with reality.

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you are thinking about their males, the picture depicts one of their womynz

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aCtUaLlY it was about 1.4% of Americans who owned slaves (was about 4-6% in the South and the Yankees didn't have slaves because they used child and indentured labour).

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This great English man gets it! (Probably posts or lurks here) Nice one mate!!!

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Good point. At this point if somebody just said there was a noose and everybody would be too busy virtue signalling and freaking out to even verify his story. This Bubba Wallace guy seems like a shit disturbing cuck before this happened. I'm glad I stopped watching NASCAR a decade ago.

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