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With a little effort you can bypass amazon every time.

I work for a small business and we sell on amazon and walmart. If someone called up about a product we had on amazon i would always swing them directly to our site and give them a discount.

Amazon takes 15% from the seller. If you think Amazon is a "deal" you are being scammed. Reach out to the seller direct and ask them to beat the amazon price and you would rather go directly to them.

It won't affect the shipping because Jeff isn't fucking shipping it, the independent sellers are, the process is the same.

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I have a friend from venezuela who speaks like spanglish and he absolutely hates progressives. He called a black person a negro and they got offended. He is like wtf is wrong with these people? Negro is black in spanish, are they that stupid?

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After Trump wins I will be shitposting on Reddit for 24/48 hours straight.

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I have 3-4 reddit accounts for a reason, if you aren't shit posting behind enemy lines you aren't doing it right.

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The guy's response was hilarious just take it on the chin and move on. Thank you for your service, sorry for your pet choice kek

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When she starts crying he asks Mike Pence if he is enjoying himself fucking kek man

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Beck is a fucking traitor. I had to drive to Orlando back in 16' and listened to him basically carry water for Hillary. He literally was Trump opposition in 16'. He is disgusting.

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