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Does anyone here believe without a shadow of a doubt that the democrats cheated

I do, no doubt for me

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He was filming me but I kept scouring social media and such for the next 24 hours afterward and didn't see it

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I saw those videos... I didn't have the completely same experience, but some fat fuck harrassed me at a Ralph's in San Diego back in April, BEFORE masks were mandatory, for not wearing a mask, he made a huge uproar, was screaming at me, I tried to ignore him but he didn't leave me alone, finally got others around to join in his harrassment brigade against me to the point where I was finally kicked out.

EVEN THOUGH, this was in early April, before stores or the city was mandating masks, yet they still kicked me out, instead of the FAT FUCK for harrassing me for not wearing a mask. I am guessing the store management thought it would be easier to kick me out than tell a dozen other people who were shaming me to leave me alone.

After I got ejected, I drove up the street to Wal Mart to do my grocery shopping, and the FAT FUCK followed me in his Ford Expedition to the Wal Mart to continue harassing me. I just ended up driving home at that point and drove to Santee the next morning to shop in relative peace.

Regardless, last time I ever spent any money at Ralph's or the Kroger family of grocery stores.

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Likely an investigation to plug the leaks in the cheating scheme he was in on to ensure they didn't get caught going forward

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It was weird how he went silent as soon as the WI fraud began to happen. Then the next appearance he makes on Bannon he said that once he saw what happened he said "Oh My God they are going to steal it..." and then took a nap knowing that the fix was in

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This is exactly why FOX News was part of the plan. To gaslight people by saying "EVEN FOX NEWS is saying Biden won! Are you going to doubt FOX NEWS who is in the tank for Trump!?!?!"

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I still remember watching Rich Baris late when this was all going down. He was going through Wisconsin and Michigan saying even if Biden gets 100% of the remaining votes, he can't win. He literally said the only way Biden can win is if they manufacture unreported votes out of thin air. Baris estimated based on % reporting that there were maybe 100k votes left out there, and even if all were for Biden it wouldn't be enough.

Well, What do you know, Milwaukee finds 150k.

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Does anyone actually trust this Georgia Secretary of State

He needs to target the Atlanta area. If he doesn't, it means this is a total sham

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Fuck the 2022 midterms. If they get away with cheating now they will just cheat in 2022 as well

This is why we have no choice but to fight to the end here

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Welcome to yesterday

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Republicans are just as shitty as democrats. Its why we supported Trump in the 2016 primary.

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Now is not the time for this shit

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Who all thinks there is major fuckery afoot in Georgia?

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There has been major fuckery afoot.

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Exactly. They were supposed to win in a blowout. Trump voters showed up in much larger numbers than they expected. Which made the cheating look so obvious. Cheating is supposed to be subtle

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Am I the only one here who believes that they are manufacturing ballots by the gross in PA

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