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Ohmigosh, we've got to get them over here, that's absolutely amazing.

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That's not Apocrypha - it's literally in Paul's epistles in the New Testament. Yo.

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Junia (who Paul considered an Apostle), Priscilla, Mary, Phoebe,Tryphena, Julia and others would certainly be quite surprised to hear that.

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Look up what the Greeks also thought about how the human body worked and the four humours. The etymology of a word based on disproven 'medical' theories from a time when people also got their life advice from a drugged oracle is hardly something to stand on.

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Uh, no it isn't. Paul is very clear that it is his own opinions about women leading and that he is not speaking from the Spirit when he offered that advice. Jesus (who notably outranks Paul) said there was no difference between Greek, Jew, male or female. The concept of Satan or eternal condemnation is never brought up in the context of any such leadership discussions, not even with Paul.

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Found the legalistic folks. Read up on early church history, especially the first four hundred years before it lurched into male-only leadership. Plenty of women at the beginning and the early Church leaders had no problem with that.

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I am so sorry, it really hurts to have to leave your church family, I hope you find a new home soon. This really sucks - I've seen it infecting other churches as well, thankfully my own is still healthy thus far.

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Wow, God bless her efforts! Raising her four boys to be strong men and doesn't want to send them out into a socialist country. Nothing like a mama bear to set things right.

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That's the long goal - the short goal is making those who are into racial division and preferential treatment based on melanin content realize their own racist hypocrisy.

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Wait, I thought in CA those where all "social constructs" and "meaningless labels".....

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Content for the non-Twitter : Weird how many of my posts on Parler, where I have 1/12 of the followers as Twitter, have double or triple the interaction of my Twitter posts. How does that happen? #DownThrottled

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Unfortunately they've all been programmed from childhood to hate us and to unquestioningly obey their commie masters, so my hopes of any gratitude or better behavior if they were given a way out is very low.

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It's kind of horrible to be in the position of wishing something like that would happen to anyone...but when they are literally trying to kill our population and take over our country, it's hard not to think it might be their due.

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Muslims and illegals both put women and children up in front both as meat-shields and for news camera optics, so no surprises they would be using those tactics.

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Would be nice if it would be real white history instead of the "history" propaganda spread by those who want to kill us.

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Painfully accurate.

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Their only 'mistake' was overplaying their hand so everyone is figuring out this is what they do.

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