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Strange because Europe is using it too. If it works, and the side effects aren't terrible, why wouldn't you??

I hate the fact that this has become a political thing.

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You're being downvoted but it's fucking true. In Italy crematoria can't keep up. And no, it's not just the old.

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Not immediately, but as wall street gets back up there, value WILL come back. I'm not saying it will make up for losses though.

What will make up for losses is us capitalizing on the fact that this globalist vision has consequences, especially when you can't trust a thing other global members tell you.

With regard to the severity of the virus, no discussion needed. We'll see in a few weeks.

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Oh, well then no one has to worry about anything anymore.

You should send this to Italy. Looks like they've been denying care to people for nothing.

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No, it survived so more people could live. The economy is fine. The markets crash, activity will be reduced and in a few months everything will be back to normal.

I understand the sentiment. But do not underestimate this disease.

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Lol it's 20 times higher than the flu... IF hospitals can keep up. That's really it. It's not about you, it's about not having some poor dad not get a respirator because they're all in use.

That said, it's something that should be looked at with scrutiny. Responsibility should be with the individuals, not the business owner.

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Wow, it's about not overloading the system. Have some respect for the doctors and nurses who will NOT have a life the coming months if idiots like you keep being idiotic.

Being conservative is taking responsibility. You're acting like a child.

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Don't listen to the haters. We're glad to have you! Step on board fellow pede, get a coat and maga!

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Actually, Crow amsaa and more. Pretty simple and very reliable.

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We'll see soon enough. Just wait a few months.

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I need to correct a few people here. While I'm sure it's me frequent for conservatives, it's actually by design.

Anger gets comments going and that's what Twitter wants. leftist bias or not, negative emotions are the easiest to manipulate and g people to respond.

Even leftist accounts have the same "feature".

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Calling rich people "the cunts".

I can only assume that that's because you have no idea how to make money. So you assume they're cunts.

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No you're not getting it.

Polling is orchestrated by anti-trumpers. Polling must follow at least some basic rules. The can't skew to reveal Trump disapproval.

That's the point.

Most stats are complete bullshit not because they are worthless but because the context of the chosen data set is never revealed. So when you know they're trying their darnedest to paint Trump in a bad light, but can't, that's a good sign.

spkle [S] 2 points ago

GTFO. Oh the economy isn't great for everyone, we need to be critical. The economy is doing fucking amazing and Trump is priming the country to withstand anything and be self reliant. In fact it's what's keeping the entire world going right now.

Luckily for you, you have a President who also understands that his data doesn't show the entire package.

Comments are a cesspool if concern trolls lately...

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Being impatient is up to you. But keep it to yourself.

Understand this: you know nothing.

Understand this too: when you complain, you're doing the shills' work for them.

Either way, unless you're someone who can drive this forward, there's nothing you can do except one thing: keep highlighting it, and keep stressing the importance.

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Be patient. Fools are impatient. Don't be a fool.

spkle [S] 8 points ago

And you'd be right. You do not want to give anyone time to breathe once the hammer did on the first.

Mark my words: if you think you've seen nuts, wait until mid 2020.

spkle [S] 5 points ago

I'm getting really annoyed with you impatient kids not being able to wait until they've done their job directly and according to our values.

They're working on it, now sit the fuck down, support our president, and be patient. You sound to much like a concern troll.

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