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I love Rob Halford, but Ripper is a hell of a singer.

His stuff with Iced Earth was great, and this song in particular is based as hell.

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Do these morons know how to do anything except project?

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This would be great. The Fed and the Progressive Era politics are why a lot of things are screwed up (health insurance, the money, etc).

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Your wife is super smart, as shown from the Karl Marx deep dive you two did. Have you thought about her as a (semi?) permanent cohost? Is she also fully redpilled?

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The Crusades were a reaction to over 400 years of unchecked Muslim aggression into Europe. Anyone who argues they weren't justified is absolutely kidding themselves.

Likewise with the bullshit "Muslims kept science alive!" nonsense.

Yeah, by conquering areas where scholarly research was already being done, and laying claim to it in modern times.

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I can't wait to see how many trunks full of biden ballots they come up after election day.

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You know, if white people are so terrible and all-powerful, do you really think you could get away with this sort of stunt?

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I kept thinking this while watching it. I mean, yeah he's a tool and got what he got, but you'd think one of these concerned jackwagons would've tried to, I dunno... save him?

Nah, let's just film it to own the pats

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Same happened for us.

Internship program should've been sunk this year, but a small handful of individuals made something out of nothing and it was a rousing success.

HR and white-guilt program directors tried to hijack it for muh social justice, but failed. The rest of us got subjected to diversity and inclusion training, but it was worth it to take the bullet for the interns.

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Their boyfriend has dementia, and we don't know what happened.

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Remember when they got us quarantined by claiming that we were the ones who were anti-police? lmao

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hoooooooooooooooooooooly shit lmao

Spice is flowing today

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Tbh I've never been a Democrat nor have I ever voted for one, but I think it's important that there be an opposition that is both spirited and loyal to the country. I was hoping she'd be successful in at least tempering the rampant anti-Americanism in the party, but...

Either way, I'd welcome a newly-minted based warrior goddess Tulsi to the party if that ever happened.

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