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Not like they haven't been telling us that this is what they want to do for years now. It's very LIBBBRRRULLL.

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Really hope Podesta is held to account someday, 'Pede.

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If something happens to the god emperor there will be hell to pay for the responsible parties. Patriots got Donald Trump's back. Democrats and their domestic terrorists need to cut the shit.

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ABC showed us doctored footage from a gun range in Kentucky and told us it was war footage from Syria to try to lie the United States into a war.

ABC had info about Jeffrey Epstein, but ordered that the story be buried for three years while children continued to be raped and tortured.

Fuck ABC.

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I used to listen to Howard Stern in the days before I was redpilled, back in the '90s before he became full cuck, he once had a tranny on as a guest who talked about how much he regretted what he had done, and how prevalent that same regret was among others who had their dick and balls cut off, plus the off the charts depression, and suicide rates, etc. that went along with it. But now it's stunning and brave, and anyone who disagrees is a bigot. 🤡🌎

The globohomo depopulation cult that is now actively pushing this insanity on children must be destroyed.

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NASA tweeted a few days bout PrOBLEmAtiC names of space objects. SJW cancer is ruining everything.

Text from @NASA tweet August 5th:

As we work to identify & address systemic discrimination & inequality in all aspects of the scientific community, we are reexamining the use of unofficial terminology for cosmic objects which can be not only insensitive, but actively harmful. Read more: https://go.nasa.gov/33C9ERI

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Democrats are trying to slip all kinds of extra bullschiff into the bill like always, so screw them.

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LOL at GEOTUS riffing on the effects that cabin fever has on marriages. Funniest President Ever!

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Baby steps, infidel, baby steps.

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Interesting. I don't really follow celebrities closely, and was basing it on pre-covid observations. Going on Jimmy Kimmel is a red flag for sure. Aren't Vaughn and Willis Republicans like James Woods though? Not doubting you, just heard that they were based, but nothing surprises me anymore.

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Kanye knew that Taylor Swift was a nasty demon before the rest of us. Time traveler status confirmed.

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