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Can we please put a link to the Official Trump 2020 App in the sidebar? It's one of the greatest ways to directly contribute to the re-election! You can donate, phonebank, sign knock on door groups, help register voters, host meetups, and a hell of a lot more.

iOS - https://apps.apple.com/us/app/official-trump-2020-app/id1135325440

Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ucampaignapp.americafirst&hl=en_US

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Is the deep state really panicking? Sure seems like they're pretty cozy right about now seeing as laws are never applied to them.

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Well then if that's true, which it's not, why aren't those signs on the other canned bean brands?

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I'm making Goya a part of my weekly grocery shopping list now.

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It will never happen without having the same SLD. The current infrastructure simply doesn’t scale well enough.

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Also one that wasn’t immediately tainted and became synonymous with the filth.

I still believe Gab’s decentralized infrastructure is years ahead of Parler, but Parler’s community is years ahead of Gab’s.

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It does if what was said above in this thread is true that 1 Star cumulative ratings are auto-pulled from the App Store. We also know Apple is hostile to us and won't apply their rules equally (equally meaning removing these fake reviews).

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Expecting Apple to apply their nebulous rules equally is an exercise in futility.

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This site is also built on mob mentality... The main -- and most important -- difference in my opinion is this site's admins are like Reddit's admins circa 2010, but even more based. That's really the main -- only? -- thing going for this site. It was when Reddit's leadership -- mods, but even more importantly the admins -- got replaced with leftists that it took a nosedive into the shitter.

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I'm going to go on a bit of a rant here, be forewarned...

What I mean is basically who fucking cares if it's because people are idiots falling for fake news? The only meaningful fact of the matter is that fake news is getting RESULTS in the time span that it NEEDS those results. Want to know why? Because it's eliciting an EMOTIONAL, moral-base reaction. It's manipulative at the deepest level -- unfortunately in a way the doesn't reflect reality. Yes, in a perfect world people wouldn't be idiots and fall for fake news. We don't live in a perfect world and let's understand that it sure as hell ain't going to be perfect in either of our lifetimes.

Splitting hairs, pointing fingers, and basically saying "if only people weren't so stupid" is how you LOSE. People are NOT magically going to become your desired level of "smart" overnight. Not overnight, not next week, month, year, or even decade. You need to understand most people FEEL first, rationalize second, and think objectively thirdly -- if ever. Look, this isn't advocating fake news, in fact it's the opposite. But the primary point is that you simply will not win enough people over just with facts. All of human history shows this to be -- unfortunately -- true. Emotion needs to be the primary motive and it needs to come willfully. Feelings can coexist with facts, it's when they overpower facts that it becomes a real problem. You should be able to both lead with emotions and also back up those emotional positions with facts. The right will continue to lose -- and rightfully so -- if they cannot grasp that emotion (and framing) is what's needed first and most to WIN.

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Don't the same admins control who's on the "web ring"? So it's not really completely separate if that's true.

Also, why not just make it a "platform" and allow anything so long as it's legal? Hell it's not like 230 has ever been enforced anyway.

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From what I gather from the very limited information available between here and communities.win, people seem to be under the false belief that having separate domains will somehow make the site safer from attack (to the point of implementing this archaic web ring system) as it somewhat “decentralizes” (though not really) the separate domains from attack (though also really only one main kind of attack, and certainly not subversion).

This of course complete bullshit, but that’s what I’ve gathered.

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Second level domain. Basically the “name” of the website


“thedonald” is the SLD, “.win” is the TLD (top level domain).

Having a different SLD per “sub-win” a la “web rings” cripples growth to the point where this will effectively never scale and be competitive in any real sense. Reddit is great because people can easily create communities, allowing rapid scale and growth under the same SLD. Don’t let anybody tell you can’t protect a site under the same SLD. There are MANY ways to do it, seeing as basically every site in existence does this.

This site would vastly improve if it were set up something like this —


we = SLD

.win = TLD

/s = points to a subdirectory

/thedonald = the subdirectory (“sub-win”)

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The useful idiots that parrot “but I can’t do anything because muh jerb!” are going to be completely blindsided when everything else has been “cancelled” and their job is finally in the crosshairs.

Honestly at that point they deserve to be trampled on seeing as they chose not to put up a fight for others. They will have no support system to back them up.

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